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The Most Common Types of Commercial Door Locks in Toronto

commercial door locks

Locks are an important part of doors, and since there are many different kinds of doors, there are different types of locks, each with different uses. There are door locks that work best in commercial buildings, while others work better in residential settings. This article looks at the most common kinds of commercial door locks used today.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

These locks are very widely used in commercial buildings. Although cylindrical lever locks are not exclusive to business settings, they are not normally used on residential properties. But this can be done if requested by a homeowner. This lock type is manufactured to deal with increased usage, making it ideal for commercial building doors, as they have more traffic than residential doors. Cylindrical lever locks are operated using a key or a combination of a push button and a key.

Mortise Locks

The mortise locks, like the cylindrical lever locks, are very common in commercial buildings because of their reliability and strength. These commercial door locks have been in use for many years, which explains why they are very popular today. Besides their general strength, these locks are very useful in commercial settings since they stand up well to continuous use. Mortise locks are perfect for locations with high foot traffic volume where the lock will be used a lot. As far as door locks for commercial use go, mortise locks are remarkable, and their internal functioning even better. Mortise locks consist of many key elements that work together to offer users very secure locks.

Keypad Door locks

These locks can be used in conjunction with door closers in Toronto for apartment buildings, as well as homes, but a good number of them are used in commercial settings because they have unique features. The features make these locks a much better choice for commercial buildings, which have to deal with a high number of employees without sacrificing any feature of their security. A keypad door lock allows multiple users to get access to the lock, without essentially having to give a key to anyone. This increases key control in a commercial building and it reduces the chance of anybody gaining unauthorized access.

Crash Bars/Panic Bars

Crash bars, or panic bars, are used in a variety of commercial settings. These commercial door closers in Toronto have been in use for some time now. Essentially, they are designed to increase ease of access when exiting a door. Crash bars function differently from most traditional door hardware used in commercial settings. This is because they allow people to exit a building with ease.

Commercial Electric Strike Locks

As suggested by the name, these commercial door closers in Toronto are electronic. These locks are an amalgamation of some of the other locks discussed above, namely the keypad and panic bar door lock. This is a commercial door lock that has become very popular recently due to the security they provide.


It is always crucial to ensure that you pay attention to the manner in which your business runs so that you can select a lock that sufficiently caters to your needs. With so many commercial door locks to choose from, you have to be careful with your choice.

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