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How to Extend the Life of Your Doors and Windows in Edmonton


Vinyl or aluminum framed windows and doors in Edmonton add beauty and comfort to homes. These fixtures are easy to clean and maintain. But if they are not properly maintained, frequent use and constant exposure to the harsh weather will cause your windows and doors to wear out faster and shorten their useful life. Here are a few tips for maintaining and extending their lifespan.

1. Follow a Yearly Maintenance Routine

Timely upkeep of windows and doors in Edmonton will make them work smoothly and also allow them to function well in harsh weather. Here are some things to do every year:
* Check weather stripping or caulk that is between the frame and sash and make sure it is sealing out water and air.
* Assess the external and internal finish of the windows to know when repair is needed.
* Vacuum all dirt and debris away from the window sill and the track area prior to each washing.
* Make sure the weep holes that are outside the window or door beneath the frame do not have any dirt or obstructions.
* Lubricate all tracks, rollers and other moving hardware parts regularly.
* Ask a professional Edmonton windows company to do an inspection once a year

2. Clean Vinyl Window Frames

While you may allow rainfall to clean a lot of dirt which settles on the external vinyl frames, periodically, you may:
* Clean the frame using water and a mild liquid wash.
* Rinse the surface properly with a lot of clean water and then dry it using a soft cloth.
* Clean the tracks and weep holes to make sure they are working properly.
* Check the weather stripping every six months.
Don’t use any abrasive, caustic, or petroleum-based cleaners for aluminum windows or doors in Edmonton because they can damage the glossy frame finish.

3. Clean Your Aluminum Windows

When dust, moisture or debris accumulates on the surface of aluminum frames, it can reduce the durability of the windows. Surface dirt may be cleaned off by rainfall but you should also:
* Wash your aluminum frames using warm water or a very mild detergent and a soft brush once every six months.
* If you use a detergent, use clean water to rinse it off.
* Make sure drain holes are free of dirt so excess water can drain out of the building.
* Use a brush to remove sand, insects and dust from the window tracks.
* Clean off any mildew that appears on your aluminum cladding using household bleach or call your Edmonton windows expert for a physical inspection.

4. Clean the Glass Panes

Ideally, glass should be washed on a day that is not very sunny. So, look out for a cloudy day and:
* Make a mixture of mild dish washing soap and water
* Clean the glass panes with a wash cloth
* Rinse the glass with clean water
* Dry the glass using a soft cloth
Don’t rinse the windows with a high pressure spray nozzle because it can damage the surface.

With these simple cleaning tips, you can easily keep your windows and doors looking nice and clean, keep them working smoothly and increase their lifespan.

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