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Are Your Old Windows Worth Repairing or Should You Just Replace Them

Old Windows Worth Repairing or Should You Just Replace Them

Sometimes, a good repair job is all a home needs to give it that extra polish. Other times, a specific part of a home is totally beyond repair. When it comes to home windows, how can you tell which is which? Whether you’re asking friends “how do I find great window replacement near me?” or wondering if a repair job isn’t out of the question, here are a few ways to determine whether your home windows need to be fixed up or are beyond hope.

Your Windows are Drafty: Repair

There’s no reason to replace windows that simply aren’t doing their job well enough. If you’re working with windows that are letting too much air in, there are plenty of ways to increase the energy efficiency of your windows without springing for a brand new set. If you’ve already insulated your windows from the inside, work on caulking and weatherstripping each border for a weathertight, sealed-in finish. As long as you’re not dealing with any internal damage to the frame, you should be able to whip your old windows into shape in no time.

Your Windows are From Before 1960: Replace

While many historic homes that have their original windows intact come with great resale value, it’s always important to pay attention to specific dates for added safety. For instance, while extremely old windows are prone to internal rotting, more recent windows from the 50s and 60s can sometimes come with toxic chemicals and not-yet-banned products like lead paint that can lead to serious health issues. If you know your home was built before 1960, you might want to do a bit more research. When in doubt, replace your current windows as fast as you can.

Your Windows are Beautiful, but Faulty: Repair

If your windows are irregularly-shaped and totally unique, you’ll want to hang onto them as long as possible. With the exception of serious internal damage like rotting or mold, try to repair the windows you love rather than throwing them out and starting fresh. This is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to windows that were specifically made for your home and can’t be easily replaced without customization. Repairing your window in these cases will not only help your home’s resale value but will save you money on a customized replacement.

Your Windows are Damaged: Replace

Damaged Replace

Oftentimes, the question of whether to replace vs. repair will be hard to crack. Sometimes, however, the answer will be totally clear, as in the case of extreme damage like rotting wood or cracked glass. If you’re really in love with your window’s shape, you can go out of your way to replace individual parts, like the glass panes or the frame, but in most cases, you’ll want to start from scratch if the main structure is seriously damaged. Keeping rotting or molding wood around could eventually cause serious damage to your home’s infrastructure, not to mention make it impossible for your window to do its job of keeping drafts out and sealing moisture and wind out of your home.

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