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Tips on Choosing the Best Residential Roofing Company in Ottawa

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If you have a plan to make your home last for a long time, roof installation, and maintenance should be done by a residential roofing expert that you can trust. If the roof of your house is not well-maintained it will destroy the look of your home. There are many companies that offer Ottawa roofing services, but not all offer the best service. Here are some tips that will help you hire a reliable roofing company that will offer you a service that is worth your money and that will make your roof last for a long time.

Ask for Referrals

This is the first thing to do, in order to get the best Ottawa roofing service that will make your home look great. Your workmates, neighbours and relatives who had their roofs installed or repaired recently should be able to recommend to you a company that they used and offered them the best services. Ask them about the cost and whether they have experienced any problem with their roof. After you get these referrals, you have to make a list and start vetting potential residential roofing companies.

Experience of the Staff

It is important to check the experience of the roofers working in the roofing company you are considering. The company may be old in this business, but have roofers who are all just fresh from college. With a roofer with more than ten years in the field offering Ottawa roofing service, you will be confident that they will offer you a service that will last for a lifetime.


Some roofing companies offer their services at a very high cost, which might not be affordable to you. It is very important to hire a roofing company that will provide you with quality yet affordable roofing services. Also, do not hire roofing companies that are very cheap, as this may be an indication of mediocre services.

License and Certificates

All residential roofing companies should have a license from the local licensing authorities. Ask a potential roofing company to show you their license and ensure that the documents presented are genuine and valid. If you have doubts, you can contact the relevant authorities for confirmation. There are many scammers out there today posing as genuine roofers, so you are better off spending some more time on research rather than getting scammed. The roofers working with the company you choose should be well-qualified and trained in a recognized school.


There is new technology being used in the construction industry today. Make sure the chosen roofing company has all the new technology. The roofing staff should be well-trained in using them. Modern technology is very helpful in construction, so do not overlook this.


Finally, ensure that the roofing company you choose offers some form of warranty for their workmanship and parts. Reliable residential roofing companies will provide a warranty of several years and provide free roof repair services if the roof has a problem within the warrantied period. Avoid any roofing company that does not guarantee their services.

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