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Metal Roofs

When considering roofing options, a variety of factors can come into play, such as the home location, home type, and environmental factors. But at the very least, a roof needs to be strong, sturdy, and reliable.

Metal roofing can be a great option for your home because it does all three very well. Tough against weather, these roofs can withstand storms, extreme weather changes, and snow masterfully. In considering a metal roof, learning which type is best for your home will help in the decision making process..


Types of Metal Roofs

The most popular metal roof options are various types of steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, or a combination of these, all of which have various pros and cons.

Steel is most common for residential homes because it’s inexpensive. But galvanized steel (a low cost, thinner version) can corrode very easily when it’s exposed to heavy amounts of salt water. So beach homes are not good options for these kinds of roofs.

Steel price depends on the type. Stone-coated steel starts at about $400 dollars a square. Steel shingles are about $270 a square. On average, though, steel is going to set you back at least $300 dollars a square. If installed right, your steel roof should last you at least 50 years.

Aluminum is the second most popular metal for roofing. It’s more durable than steel, and a fraction of the price of premium metals like copper and zinc. Unlike galvanized steel, aluminum is a great choice for a beach home. Considered one step up from steel, it costs about $100 more per square. Like steel, aluminum will also last you at least 50 years.

The two most expensive and durable metals are copper and zinc. With proper care, copper or zinc roofs can last hundreds of years. But the trade off is cost – $900 to $1400 a square. So most people don’t make roofs that are fully out of copper or zinc, choosing to use them for accents instead.                      


Benefits of Having a Metal Roof

No matter the type of metal you choose, all metal roofs are your best allie against harsh winter snow and ice build up that’s notorious for being the cause of leaks. Plus, metal roofs can withstand hurricane level winds, so they’re a great choice for hurricane prone regions.

With the durability of a metal roof, you won’t have to worry about it cracking, rotting, denting, splitting, or even catching fire easily. Nor will the threat of any rodents penetrating your roof be of any concern. This low maintenance material can handle almost anything that life might throw at it.                                                                   

If you’re interested in going green, a metal roof is a great start. The material can be recycled many times over, it does not produce much waste in production, and it will save you at least 25% on home energy costs.

Choosing a new roof can be overwhelming, especially with the variety of materials available. Among the many options, consider metal roofing next time you’re in the market for a new roof.

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