Why You Should Choose a Quartz Worktop for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen worktop is the focal point of your kitchen, especially if you are planning to install a big kitchen island. But even if you were merely to install counters for your kitchen where you can prep your meals, your worktop choice is essential as well. You should look at your kitchen worktop as an investment because it really is. When you have a good worktop, you can use it for years, and your kitchen’s look can be transformed. You’ll have a pleasant place where you can prepare breakfast, lunch, and supper, and you’ll have a place where the members of your family can congregate and talk about their day with ease.

In your choice of kitchen worktop, there’s one material which you should seriously consider: quartz. Quartz worktops are engineered stone worktops, which means that they’re a combination of natural stone (bits of quartz) mixed with resin and other components to form a slab. Engineered stone like quartz comes with a lot of benefits, and here’s why you should choose a quartz worktop for your kitchen.

  • It’s consistent

Quartz is one of the most consistent materials in regard to colour, shade, and pattern. The reason for this is because it is engineered – which means that the makers of quartz worktops can essentially customise a colour, shade, or pattern for you. Quartz has a more uniform look compared to marble or granite simply because it is manufactured. You can opt for a distinct colour or shade which can fit your kitchen’s theme. And since quartz is manufactured, it will not come with any of the natural ‘faults’ sometimes associated with natural stones such as granite or marble.

  • It’s non-porous

One of the biggest attractions of quartz is the fact that it’s non-porous. This means that your quartz worktop will not absorb stains or spills as easily as other worktop materials. It is resistant to stains altogether. If you have young children or you prepare a lot of meals in your kitchen (which makes it more likely for you to spill something), you will be happy to know that since quartz is non-porous, it’s easy to clean spills and not worry about any staining.

  • It’s resistant to heat

Another quality which makes quartz countertops immensely popular is their resistance to heat. With a quartz worktop, you don’t have to worry about damage if you accidentally place something hot (like a pan) on the worktop. The material can withstand extreme heat, although, of course, you should still take care to use pads if you place something hot on the worktop’s surface.

  • It’s hygienic

Perhaps the most crucial reason why quartz is popular as a worktop is its hygienic quality. With a quartz worktop, you don’t have to be concerned about the build up of mould or bacteria on the surface, and this makes quartz incredibly hygienic. This is an excellent aspect to consider if you would like to use your worktop for the preparation of food right on the surface.




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