Choosing the Right Granite Colour for Kitchen Worktops

Most home buyers look at particular areas of a house before they make a decision. One such area is the kitchen. You can say that the kitchen is a home’s heart and soul. Homeowners are keener on spending money to remodel kitchens more than any other part of a house. Remodelling a kitchen not only updates its look but also increases the aesthetic value and appeal of the space. By focusing on how the kitchen looks as well as enhancing functionality, you can indeed get the most out of your investment. One of the vital elements you should focus on is choosing the right material for kitchen worktops.

One of the most popular options is granite because it has natural grain and texture, not to mention how durable it is in comparison with other materials. But granite comes in different colours and patterns. How do you choose the right one for your kitchen?

Black granite worktops

Black exudes classic elegance. This description also applies to black granite when used in kitchen worktops. If your kitchen has open spaces and large windows which bring in natural light, black is a perfect colour to choose. Since black appears to make a room look smaller, you can pair black countertops with a more neutral colour palette for the rest of the area. For example, a striking contrast with white cabinetry and floors creates a modern and minimalist look. Make the worktops your main focal point so that you can maintain a sleek and sophisticated kitchen design.

White granite worktops

A reputable granite worktop London supplier will carry a variety of granite colours including white. But finding pure white granite is slightly more difficult because natural stone usually comes with flecks of grey or black. White granite is sought after for kitchens for a modern, minimalist style. These days, there is a preference for open areas and clean designs to keep with the popularity of contemporary elegance. White works best if you have stainless steel appliances and industrial-style accents. If you do opt for white granite, shop around for the best hue which will complement your overall kitchen design without making it look dull and lifeless.

Red granite worktops

Red is a bold choice for kitchen worktops, and you need to mix it well with neutral shades so that it does not overpower the look of the room. What’s great about red granite is its character. Most red granite comes with flecks and patterns that range from bright red to rich, deep burgundy. If you are looking for something vibrant and unique for your kitchen, red may be the colour for you.

Green granite worktops

For those looking for something more traditional, green is an excellent choice. It works well with other earth colours such as brown and mahogany. Green is naturally relaxing to the eyes and fits earth-toned themes with a focus on natural materials like wood. Green granite also comes in different shades and patterns which makes it easier to find the best fit for any kitchen design and style.

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