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How to Ensure Your Dog is Happy & Healthy

Dogs bring so much love into the world and for many they become a true part of the family, making you laugh on a daily basis and giving you constant attention and affection, so it’s important they receive the love and care they require for a happy, healthy life. It’s often found that dog owners love to spoil their four-legged friend, but it is actually possible to go too far with this and too much of the wrong thing can have a negative impact.  From daily walks to the right diet, continue reading to find out exactly how you can ensure your dog is happy and healthy each and every day.

Dogs Diets

One of the most important part of maintaining a dog’s health is their diet. Just like humans, diets are crucial to keeping you active and healthy, so you need to make sure your dog is on the right diet for them from the start. There are so many different types of diet for dogs, including grain-free options, hypoallergenic and more, so you want to find out what your dog needs and find the best food for them. Do a little research and reach out to your vet for advice on how to find the perfect diet for your dog. You can find a great range of different dog food types online at retailers like Petwell, with most big brands covering every diet type.

Enough Exercise

Every dog is very different when it comes to the amount of exercise they need, but it’s essential that they get the right amount each day. Taking your dog out for daily walks doesn’t just keep their activity levels up, but it also gives you quality bonding time, with the opportunity to train them and teach them new things. Being out in the fresh air, on an adventure is extremely exciting and dogs absolutely love to be outside, smelling new things and meeting other fur-friends along the way. Make sure you stick to a good routine each day, getting your dog the right amount of exercise, they need every day to keep them feeling their best.


Having plenty of toys around the house to play with will help to keep your dog entertained and happy for hours on end. Dogs are curious animals and having something to occupy them will ensure they don’t get bored or start to become irritable. Similarly, it’s really good to play with your dog every day, whether its tug-of-war with their rope toy or a simple game of fetch, it’s a great way to keep them entertained whilst building on your bond too. There are so many amazing dog toys available, from soft toys to toys with hidden treats, so mix it up and give them a selection of different things to play with.

Regular Vet Checks

It’s important to ensure your dog visits the vet frequently, for their routine check-ups and vaccines. With so many potential hazards on dog walks and out in the open, it’s impossible to know how your dog’s health is every day, so getting them to the vets regularly will help you keep track of their weight and health, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to monitor their health properly.