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What The Main Differences are Between Commercial And Residential Building Disputes

If you want to build a residential or commercial building, you’ll have to hire some professionals to help you accomplish the project. The construction industry is full of developers, builders, and contractors who’re looking to make money from erecting commercial and residential buildings.

During the construction process, disputes may arise. If you were constructing a commercial building, you might lose a lot of money and time from any disputes. It’s always vital to find ways to solve disputes to enable your project to be completed in time. If you can’t solve the disputes amongst yourselves, you may need to contract a building dispute resolution lawyer.

This article highlights the causes of residential and commercial disputes and their key differences.

Causes Of Building Disputes

Most building disputes usually occur as a result of failure to owner a contract or shoddy work. Some of the reasons why they arise include;

  • Builders using unsatisfactory materials
  • Professional negligence by surveyors, engineers, contractors, and architects
  • Building errors
  • Failure to owner payments
  • Traders and contractors doing work not included in the contract
  • A delay in accomplishing building projects
  • Conflicts between the developers and builders

Key Differences Between Commercial And Residential Building Disputes

Commercial Building Disputes

Commercial building projects are those built for non-residential purposes. They include erecting schools, office buildings, and public-use buildings. Apartment buildings meant for sale are also regarded as commercial building projects.

These projects often have a higher net worth than residential projects. Any delay in a resolution of a conflict involving construction building may result in losses. Therefore, it’s quite vital to ensure that a swift agreement is reached to allow the project to be completed.

Most commercial building contracts have clauses that govern dispute resolutions. If you follow these clauses keenly, you’ll soon arrive at a solution. Also, commercial building projects have precise contract terms for finishing a project. A developer has the right to terminate the contract if the job isn’t completed within the timeframe outlined in the contract.

Residential Building Disputes

Residential construction work involves building or improving a house or unit. Most residential building disputes are related to homes. They may arise due to poor quality work or a contractor failing to complete the project on time. It’s advisable for the contractor and the homeowner to solve the dispute without going to court.

Most of these disputes are packed with emotions because it’s people’s homes that are involved. Lawyers advise seeking legal representation to help you quickly solve the dispute and get the best outcome.

Main Differences

There are many differences that exist between residential and commercial building disputes.

Here are some of them:

  • Commercial disputes are more complicated and require litigation, while residential disputes are straightforward and can be resolved without litigation.
  • Commercial disputes usually have a resolution clause guiding the dispute resolution process. However, residential disputes are resolved from an agreement made by the involved parties.
  • Commercial disputes require a longer period to solve and may need legal advice, while residential disputes can be resolved quickly. However, not all residential disputes are solved quickly. Some may require litigation and more time.

If you want to find a resolution for a building conflict quickly, it’s advisable to seek legal support and guidance. Dispute resolution lawyers can help you to find a resolution quickly and continue with your project. They may also save you from spending a lot of cash trying to solve the conflict.


Residential and commercial disputes can significantly impact the time that your project is completed. Understanding what they are, their key differences, and resolving them may help you find a solution quickly.