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Transform your garage into a man cave

You don’t need space to park your car, so why not easily transform it in to a place where you can do man things? It will cost a lot less, take nowhere near as much time or hassle than if you were adding an extension on to your home.

Something a lot of people struggle with when creating a man cave is what to put in it, so here are a few helpful tips.

Plan it out

The first thing you need to do is decide how extensive and detailed this garage conversion is going to be. If the space is going to be used daily and to be slept in, you will need to invest in the correct equipment (insulation, air conditioning, central heating etc.) – you also need to consider where you live, as a place which is freezing all year round won’t need air conditioning and vice versa.

How do you want this room to look? Do you want to go to the extent of making it look like another room in the home? If so, you will need to do a lot more work than if you were just adding a few chairs and a mini fridge.

The walls

Insulating the walls is important as it will save you a lot of money over time and makes your man cave a more comfortable, relaxing environment. Particularly if your garage is detached, it won’t have the benefit of experiencing the air conditioning or heating from the main part of your home.

You may not even have a garage to insulate, so if that is the case, look no further than Dencroft Garages. Their experienced, friendly staff will provide top quality garages for your home

The furniture

Make sure your man cave is bespoke to your and your requirements, so if you will be having the lads round to watch sports, be sure to invest in a few chairs and maybe even a sofa. Or maybe there will be a poker night in which case you will need to purchase a table and chairs. Oh, a mini fridge is also a must.

If you’re stuck for what furniture to put in your man cave, look no further than this article, giving you fantastic furniture ideas for your man cave.

The man caveyness

Now it’s on to the fun part, a man cave isn’t a man cave without the right items, so it’s time to make it your own. You may still want to keep your garage a garage in some areas, with tools on the wall and camping gear stored away, but what else you do with your garage is the fun part. But don’t forget to make it comfortable, so there is a place to relax and take yourself away from the stress of everyday life.

You may put an entertainment system in there, along with art and posters from your favourite films and sports teams – this is your opportunity to make a space your own, so don’t waste it.


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