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Things To Do With Clothes Before Calling Moving Companies

You probably know that moving nationwide requires certain preparation. We all enjoy in moving to a better place, house or a completely new state, but the entire process is a hassle and can cause lots of stress.

Most people think that the hardest part is to get a visa, hunt for an apartment, get a job in a new place, but that is not quite a reality. The biggest problem is packing, moving and thinking about everything before you reach there. You can choose a wide array of nationwide moving companies such as 9Kilo Moving, but before that, you have to complete certain tasks.

Everyone has the belongings that are important and worthy of them. Some people tend to think more about clothes and wardrobe, while others want to preserve fancy bookshelves filled with classics or pictures.

That is why we decided to present you things to do before you start calling moving companies:

  1. Find What You Really Need

Even if you know what to bring and what to leave, it is better to have a second opinion, especially for stuff that you don’t need. It is difficult to create a groundwork that will allow you to understand where to start. That is why most people tend to call moving company and to have a peace of mind.

However, before you do that, it is important to consider where are you going and what will you need out there. For example, if you have piles of clothes that you don’t need, you can always sell them or give them to charity, especially if those are old things that only have emotional value.

On the other, people tend to get involved too much when it comes to their belongings, which will finally increase the bill of moving. If you have a limited budget and you want to move to another nation, there could be some things that you don’t need to add to the bulk. It is up to you.

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  1. Don’t Be In Denial

Imagine that you have to part your way with clothes that you don’t use too often, the ones that don’t fit and old stuff that you keep inside your closet. Most people would bring everything they have with them, but that could create a more significant pile of stuff that you need to transport.

If you want to spare the budget, you have or to spend it on something more useful, we recommend you to avoid packing stuff that you don’t need. You can easily start sorting out indispensable belongings, things that you may need and things that you don’t need.

When you check the pile with stuff that you don’t need, you will notice that there are too many things that are emotionally connected with you. However, we all tend to connect with some souvenir, piece of clothes, but if you notice that you are overdoing it, then you should consider doing something about it.

  1. Sell Things That You Don’t Need

Yes, we have mentioned you that the preparation for the trip and moving should start months before. That way, you will reduce the amount of stuff, sort it into different piles and consider what you should be doing with everything you have.

Okay, the best solution is to bring everything with you, which is not a problem if you have sufficient amount of funds. However, if you are on the limit, you can reduce the hassle and even earn some extra cash.

Numerous e-commerce websites will provide you the possibility to sell your belongings before you place them in the truck. That will allow you to increase the budget for other things that you want to move.

Another choice could be just giving your old stuff to charity, which is okay if you don’t want to hassle with picturing, estimating price and other things that you have to do to sell them.

If you want to see what are most important things to pack for moving abroad, check this website: https://www.internationalcitizens.com/moving-abroad/ultimate-packing-list.php

  1. Find The Appropriate Storage Option

Okay, you cannot bring all your stuff at once, because you don’t have enough funds to do it. Another solution is to find the place where you can put the stuff you cannot. That way, you will be able to afford the extra moving afterward when you gain better income.

For example, you can place some things into someone else’s home such as friends, family or cousins. On the other hand, if you have some things with emotional value, you can bring them to parents, because they will always accept something from you. In the meantime, you can move with indispensable things, while other stuff will wait for the proper moment.

  1. Use Vacuum-Sealed Bags

These bags are the perfect solution for keeping your clothes without taking too much space. This is especially true if you have lots of winter accessories and coats, which will waste too much space if you naturally put them.

Have in mind that other clothes can also fit the vacuum-sealed bags, which is the perfect way to keep them safe without interfering with the entire space. Of course, you should prepare everything before you call a moving company because professionals will only help you to move, not in packing.

  1. What To Do With Shoes?

As we all know, shoes could be cumbersome and heavy, which means that reducing the number of shoes will save both weight and space. Of course, you will need shoes for every occasion that could happen such as rain boots, ankle boots, running shoes, over-the-knee boot, low and high heels and sandals for the summer.

If you want to preserve the space, you should ditch everything else or pack and store it somewhere safe.


The question still lies in front of us: “Which clothes to take,” and it depends on your preferences and needs. However, most people tend to keep clothes that they cannot use anymore, for emotional or nostalgic reasons.

It is the way better solution to remake your wardrobe by taking only indispensable things that you use and love. For other things, you can store, sell or move them afterward. It is up to you.


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