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The Importance Of Practicing Electrical Safety In Winter And Year-Round

Just because we are well-past worrying about the seasonal risks that can be associated with holiday trees, outdoor lights and crazy amounts of extra appliance use, doesn’t mean that you’re out of the woods altogether when it comes to potential electrical fires! Every season presents a fair array of risks, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible as we move into the middle of winter.

Be very wary of your HVAC and alternative heat sources.

Whatever heat source you use to heat your home, be it a furnace or boiler, it is very important that it is serviced routinely by a licensed professional. Too many fires in Canada have begun because an HVAC system wasn’t properly cleaned or maintained, or the electrical components haven’t been checked in a while.

When it comes to space heater safety you must ensure it is kept away from any flammable surfaces or materials. It’s also important to ensure that your space heater has a dedicated circuit and you never leave it unattended. Not only do space heaters use a lot of wattage, some can run hotter than your oven!

Know how to properly use your home generator.

Home generators are a convenient and easy way to keep power, however it’s important to remember that they also come with their own risks. If you have a home generator that has been sitting idle for half a year, first off get it inspected before you try to use it.  There is a risk of sparking a flame if they’re under-maintained or the fuel in the generator is old.

Cook with care.

Hot stew or soup on a cold day is a no brainer, delicious and warm. But before you turn on the crockpot or stove, make sure all of your kitchen equipment is safe. GFCIs should be in use in all kitchen spaces within a certain range of water sources. Ranges, ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators should also be on dedicated circuits to avoid overloads with a potential to lead to an electrical fire. You must also be sure you stay in the kitchen while you cook, and never leave appliances on alone.

If you require some assistance in beefing up your electrical safety or are curious about the leading electrical fire risks to be found during the cold Southern Ontario months, Stack Electric is here to help.  Don’t delay.  Make the call that could save your life, Stack Electric has been helping homeowners with their complete residential electrical needs for many years. With Stack Electric at the helm, you can rest assured costs are kept down, service quality is unparalleled to any other electrical company and your home will always be safe.

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