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Some Expert Tips to Keep All Pests Away From Your Home

It is the dream of everyone to protect their homes from any form of pest invasion. Whether it is a residential or commercial premise, pests can be very disgusting. Given the harsh economic times, everyone is looking forward to employing budget-friendly pest control measures. Ideally, most of us are unaware of some cheaper and successful ways of keeping some common pests such as rodents, bugs, and cockroaches away from their homes.

Apart from seeking the pest control services from some of the most competitive pest control companies such as Pointe Pest Control, you can also take note of the following tips to help you remedy the chronic pest infestation in your house.

  • Cleanliness
  • Pest inspection
  • Drains and recycling items
  • Sealing all interior gaps and cracks
  • Efficient food storage


Generally, ensuring your environment is clean can protect your home from being infested by various pests. Your home is less attractive to pests when it is clean. Before contacting a pest control professional to help remedy the situation at your house, consider cleaning your house regularly. Some rodents like rats can be kept off when we clean our houses regularly. Do not forget to prune all plants surrounding your home, to remove all the pest hideouts close to the house.

Pest Inspection

Conducting pest control inspection is a fundamental step in ensuring effective monitoring of pests, be it at a place of work or residence. Given that pests can infest our homes every season of the year, it is vital to come up with effective analysis, and monitoring measures for pests. We should also conduct a thorough pest inspection to identify the most common entry points for different pests in your house. This will help you determine the right methods to adopt in preventing and reducing pests.

Drains and recycling items

Inspect all drains and recycling items to identify any pest presence. Flies are more frequent in drains and recycling items. Also, to control some pests, we must ensure that our recycling items have tight lids and are rodent proof.

Sealing all interior gaps and cracks

It is crucial that we seal all the cracks present in the various parts of furniture. Most pests use these spaces to breed and hide. Sealing the gaps and holes found in the kitchen cabinets, dryers, vents, and pipes reduces pest infestation rate.

Efficient food storage

Most pests feed on the food left in the kitchen. Pests such as cockroaches invade the kitchen and feed on stored food. You should ensure that leftover food is stored in resealable plastic bags. Always ensure that you store leftover food away from the reach of pests.


Apart from applying the tips given here for controlling the pests, it is important to seek the services of a pest control company. Pointe Pest Control is one of the most experienced pest control companies based in Phoenixville, PA. The company adopts the most cost-effective means of service delivery.