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Roof Maintenance: 4 Ways to Make Your Roof Last Longer 

When it comes to taking good care of your roof and making it last for decades, it’s the simple things you ignore that matter a lot. How you take care of your roof and how often you inspect for issues determine whether it lasts longer regardless of the roofing contractor you hire for the job.

With just a ladder and some elbow grease at your reach, there is a lot you can do to ensure your roof serves your family for years. According to S Elder Roofing, these are some tips you can employ to maintain your roof.

1. Clear all debris from the gutters 

The presence of debris in your gutters can cause a lot of issues to your roof. Once the debris cannot flow easily, they cause water blockage on the roof, which can damage the underlying roofing material in the long run.

If you want to stop roof decking rot caused by blocked gutters, you can invite a professional gutter cleaner to inspect your roof and remove all obstructions on the gutters.

2. Remove all the snow on your roof

Snow buildup on your roof is one thing you should not entertain. When you have a significant buildup of snow on the roof, it can weaken the roofing structure and result in a roof collapse. When this happens, you expose your family to the risk of injures.

So, you should get a snow rake and climb up the roof to remove all the snow buildup. This way, you’ll be reducing the excess weight on the roof and lower the chances of roof collapse.

3. Replace all missing shingles 

When you live in a windy place, your roof is prone to missing shingles. In the summer, your roof can go through hell; strong tropical storms can damage your roof and blow away some shingles. Therefore, taking some time to inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles can save you a lot.

Always call a roofing professional to inspect your roof and repair all the damaged shingles to prevent extensive damage to the roof structure.

4. Remove all unwanted plants

The presence of unwanted plants like moss and mold on your roof signals a lot. Moss and mold thrive well in places with moisture, so when you spot them on your roof, it means you have a leakage on the roof.

These plants can damage your roofing structure in many ways by allowing moisture to penetrate to the underlying layers of your roof. Mold can also damage the roof by causing decay. Therefore, you should get rid of all the mold and moss on your roof when you notice any. Spray chlorine water on your roof to kill all unwanted plants.

When you take care of your roof by inspecting it regularly for leakages, damaged shingles, and blocked gutters, you reduce the risk of roof collapse. Always contact an expert roofer to inspect and repair your roof if you notice any roof vulnerabilities.