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Pros and Cons of a Wooden Garage Door

Wooden door designs are in trend from the time a “door” was essentially invented. Wooden doors are the oldest and prettiest designs in the market. While they provide gorgeous traditional touches to your house, they are a centre of attention as well.

That’s why when it comes to garage doors, wooden garage doors are a specific demand. Using a wooden door has certain privileges as well as disadvantages for domestic usage.

Why Should And Why Shouldn’t You Buy Wooden Doors?

Here are some of the major pros and cons of using Wooden Garage Doors,

●       Pros of Buying Wooden Garage Doors

These are the major reasons to buy these doors,

1.   Custom Designing

The best thing about using a wooden garage door is the customization you can do on it. Whether if it is already installed in your garage and you want to try a new design or you are deciding to buy one, since it’s wood, you can design it as you please.

2.   Environment-Friendly

Wooden doors are better than using synthetic or polymer doors because of their environment-friendly nature. They are easily decomposable by microorganisms; thus, they do not cause any pollution, even in their manufacturing process.

3.   Infinite Charms

Traditionally, wooden doors have been around since the start of civilization. From that time, they have seen constant advancements and millions of designs. But there is one thing that has been the same since the start – the endless charm of the wood. Either a rusty wood design or a luxury polished wooden door, they are probably, one of the best in the market.

4.   Durable and Secure

Wood, being the Earth’s natural defence material, provides maximum durability and tensile strength. Both are the requirements of a garage door to withstand the toughest conditions it will go through within its lifetime, take storms and rain for example.

5.   Low Maintenance Requirements

When compared to other door types, wooden doors demand much less maintenance. They do not require any specific repairs or maintenance personnel for a long time. Wooden doors are much more durable, so, you can rest assured that you won’t be spending too much time and money on these doors.

●       Cons of Buying Wooden Garage Doors

Here’s why you should not buy a wooden garage door,

1.   Expensive

Are wood garage doors more expensive?

This might be the question popping in your head. And the answer is, unfortunately, yes!

Wooden doors might be more expensive than other door designs. This will cause concerns in people hunting the market in low budgets.

2.   Energy Efficient

Wooden Garage Doors are not insulated and will cause loss of heat and cooling. This will result in the extra working of your home’s air conditioning system. Ultimately, you risk increasing your bills unintentionally. So, it is recommended to buy insulated wooden garage doors, they might cost you some extra money but prove “worth it” in the long run.

3.   The Decay

The only major problem with a wooden door is that it is easily destroyed by termites and other insects. So, you will have to regularly clear the door with termite or bug spray. You can also use termite-free polishes to make a permanent protective coating.

If you are looking to secure your unique bed furnishings, you can deploy this polish there as well.

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