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Guides in choosing an Automated Gate

If you are going to walk around and observe your neighborhood, then you will notice that almost all houses have gates. Even before constructing a building, the gate has already been a part of the plan. This only shows that gates play a very important role in a building. Every residential and commercial building nowadays has a gate, they just differ in designs, styles, colors and materials used. Those things always depend on the theme or architectural design of the building.

What is really getting popular today is the installation of automated gates. These are actually electric-operated gates. So, if you have this kind of gate, then say good bye to the old ways of manually opening and closing your gate. This type of gate has a programmed mechanism and you can activate that using an intercom, codes, remote controls or key cards. It is indeed a high-tech type of gate, right? You can only find such gates before in high class buildings, but today, you can always ask contractors to modify and customize it to fit the type of building that you have.

Advantages of Installing an Automated Gate

Security is one of the major reasons why one wants to install an automated gate. With this kind of gate, you can easily get rid of intruders as well as unwanted visitors. Only those who has access to the gate can come inside the building anytime. When the gate is closed, then you cannot also go out without an access. Therefore, keeping children as well as pets safe in the area.

Can you imagine how convenient it is to come in and out of the gate without going out of the car or calling someone to open the gate for you? And then, this will also keep you protected from all sorts of weather condition because you just need to stay in the car until you reach your parking space or doorstep.

This automated gate is also strong and durable because you cannot easily open it with your bare hands. Another thing is that you may even customize it to add Maglocks, which automatically fuels and adds weight while the gate is closed. In such a way, the gate is tough when it is closed and releases weight when opened.

Factors to consider when choosing the right automated gate

The first thing that you need to consider is the power supply. You will need this for the automated gate to operate. Make sure that the person installing this has the right skills because he also needs to do the electric wirings for the lightings, intercoms and other devices needed.

For your next consideration, we have the operating system as well as the access control system of the automated gate. You must choose the right device for your gate. Are you going to use a keypad, scanning machines, digital pad, video, voice detection or switch? You have to make sure that these will be properly installed, considering natural factors like wind, snow or rain.

What if there is a power failure? You have to make sure that there is another option for you to open or close the gate manually. It would be best to ask for this kind of operation from the contractor or the people who will install the device.

Type of Automated Gate

The type of gate that you will install will depend on the location of your property or where the gate would be. If the driveway is on a slope going upwards, then it would be ideal for you to have a sliding gate for you to have full access passing to your driveway and that is from all angles. In fact, this type of gate has the highest level when it comes to security. If you prefer this type of gate, then you better click this to find a contractor near you.

With the swing type of automated gates, it has electromechanical arms using piston and these arms extends across the center of the gate.  And then, the other one is the underground type with a hidden mechanism, which is actually underground. So, if you would like this one, then make sure that the drainage provided is sufficient enough to prevent the machine from water damages.




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