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Enjoy the Warmth of a Wood Fire

The fondest of memories come when you think of a warm wood fire. There is something special about an old-fashioned wood burning fire that crackles and pops. The smell of the wood burning in your fireplace has a comforting feeling. Friends and family often gather around, and memories come up of Christmastime and roasted marshmallows. You cannot deny that a wood burning fire has the most charm of all the different types of fireplaces.

A wood burning fire not only creates comfort and fun, but it is practical in that it provides heat on cold days and nights. The cutting, chopping and stacking, however, is a different story. A firewood supplier is a great solution. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your firewood delivered right to your home? All you would have to do is let it season, then it is right where you need it, ready to grab when you want to build your fire. You get the old-style wood fire without the heavy labor.

Now-a-days there are some environmentally friendly wood fire products. There are special wood pellets and wood bricks that are CO2 neutral. The wood bricks are made from recycled, compressed sawdust. Some advantages of burning wood bricks are:

  • Less storage space
  • Less ash build up in the chimney
  • More dense than normal firewood
  • Burns longer and cleaner
  • No bugs in the firewood
  • Save money

Wood bricks are very hot! When they are dried they have less than 10 percent moisture and are much denser than pellets and logs, so they produce more heat. It is typical that you only need half as many bricks to burn as you need with regular logs. The shrink wrap that is used protects the wood from the weather, bugs, mice and other critters. https://www.woodpellets.com/firewood/wood-bricks.aspx

If you shop around you can find some good deals with firewood suppliers. It is good to know that in most areas you can find one near you. It is best to begin looking early in the season as prices will go up as it gets closer to winter.

If you live near a logging area, then you should surely be able to get a good price. Other great places to look for firewood are sawmills. Find any local company that deals with wood and ask if they have firewood for sale. You will be surprised at how many firewood suppliers exist.

Most firewood suppliers have bulk prices. Some have a variety of wood mixes. A hardwood mix can contain oak, walnut, maple, locust and ash. I fruit wood mix can have apple, cherry, apricot and others. The pine mixes are quite popular.

Suppliers are happy to accommodate deliveries to restaurants, hotels and residential customers. You can pick up your orders yourself if you wish. Having a good supplier will ensure that you will never run out of wood. The quality is excellent, and you will be ready and set for more great times with friends and family around the warm, flickering fire!

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