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Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

Home improvement can be an exciting time of creating personal space that is enjoyable and beautiful. There are many great projects that can be completed on a home that: increase its value, improve the home and add enjoyment. These include both interior and exterior projects.

Creating Modern Outdoor Living Space

One of the more modern trends that has gained significant value and appreciation is creating outdoor living space. While many people think that the interior is the only place you can create new living space, this ideology has changed significantly in the last few decades. This is a wonderful space addition for people who love the outdoors and they have great outside yard space they can utilize to create this.

Creating a sketched design is usually a great first step in visualizing what the new space will look like. The newest trends create different styles of living space that can be used whenever the seasonal weather permits. In spaces that have built overhangs and roofing, the amount of use of the outdoor living space is greatly enhanced and expanded.

Outdoor living space often includes:

• Patios
• Decks
• Gazebos
• Cabanas
• Porches
• Poolside Areas
• Open Air Sunrooms

Each of these can become wonderful outside living areas. Additional built ins such as, fireplaces, fire-pits, barbecue areas, outside sinks and lighting all can add to the outside living experience in these spaces.

Adding Weatherproofing and Furnishings

When building on a porch or deck, the use of pressure treated wood with wood and any deck coatings designed to preserve the wood is highly recommended. This will ensure there is greater longevity against the outside elements.

Adding on a roof or covering to at least a significant portion of porch or deck can also increase its usability. Traditionally with a porch the roofing becomes permanent. With a deck it can either be a permanent roof or a canvas awning type of roof. However, permanent roofing will add to the value of the home since it increases the use of the space.

Most outside living areas are finished off with wonderful outside durable furnishings. While the use of outside dining tables and grills have been commonplace for years, there is now a whole new market place for outdoor furniture to enhance the enjoyment of outside living. These furnishings include a wide variety of items such as:

• Couches
• Chairs
• Loveseats
• Dining Sets
• Breakfast and Liquid Bars and Stools
• Kitchen Islands
• Cabinetry
• Lamps
• Fire-Pits
• Side Tables
• Gas Fired Fireplace Accents
• Rugs
• Pillows

All outside furnishings for outdoor living spaces are designed and made to withstand rain and moisture. These types of furnishings tend to be lightweight, so they can be moved when necessary and the cushions are often waterproof. In contrast to older exterior furniture designs that were mostly wrought iron and wicker, today’s exterior furnishings come in a variety of materials. This includes wood, especially teak wood, metals, plastics and treated cloths. Additionally, the designs and choices in exterior furnishings has changed with the increase in demand and usage. Today, like regular home furnishings, outdoor furniture comes in a variety of designs and colors to make the space comfortable and beautiful with a personal sense of style.

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