Home Improvement

Create Your Very Own At-Home Spa

With so much going on in the world, it’s never been more important to focus on self-love and quality of life. From taking an extra 20 minutes to yourself in the bath, to adding an additional 15 steps to your beauty routine to make you feel that little bit more pampered and loved, it’s all about making yourself feel good. Having a spa-like oasis in your own home is fast becoming a must for many and with so many gorgeous bathroom accessories and unique features to add, it’s really easy to achieve too.

Enhance Your Bath

You want your bath to be a space for you to wind down, relax and soak the stress from the day away, so it needs to look and feel the part. Investing in your favourite bath products to line your bath with, from a soothing bath milk to bubble bath that takes your cares away, you can find some amazing products that help you feel like you’ve just stepped out of your very own spa. Similarly, you want to feel comfortable and calm, so it may be worth investing in a luxurious bath pillow, like these, to rest your head whilst you soak. The way you design your bath will help you to wind down properly, so you want to ensure it looks and feels the part.

Sophisticated Showering

It’s never been easier to have a simple, sophisticated shower that takes the stress away for you. From the simple click of a button on your phone, you can control your shower before you even step foot into the room, giving you the ultimate control and flexibility. Imagine setting your shower to the perfect temperature and pressure, ready to welcome you on arrival for a warm, relaxing shower. With well-loved brands such as Aqualisa bringing the simplicity of smart showering to the home, it’s now so easy to create your own at-home spa with luxurious features that you can enjoy each and every day!

Add Alexa

Having to juggle your phone with wet hands it not an easy task when you’re trying to relax in the bath or shower, so introducing Amazon’s Alexa to your bathroom will instantly make life easier for you. Whether you like to play your favourite music whilst you shower, or you find it relaxing listening to a podcast or spa sounds whilst you bathe, you can pick and choose whatever you want your at-home spa soundtrack to be, with voice activation making it ideal for use in your bathroom. You don’t want the added fuss of having to change the song yourself, so let Alexa do the hard work for you.

Create an Atmosphere

From the moment you step foot into a spa, you are greeted with an atmosphere that takes you away to another word. With a mixture of calming scents, soothing sounds and warmth you are instantly calm and ready for a day of relaxation. This same feeling can be achieved in your bathroom, all you have to do is introduce a selection of your favourite relaxing candles like the Spa collection from The White Company and some delicate diffusers to really capture that at-home spa atmosphere.