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Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Sun Lounges

Of all the pieces of outdoor furniture that you could buy, the sun lounge usually ranks as most people’s favourite. It might be the association with lying on a beach on holiday or simply the comfort they provide, but whatever it is, the right sun lounges can provide the perfect finishing touch to any garden.

To help you make the right choice, this article will provide an overview of the things that you should keep in mind when looking for a new set of outdoor sun lounges for your garden or roof terrace. Read on to earn more.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

The materials we prefer for our furniture are a personal choice but an important one nonetheless. Choosing the right materials for both the frame of your sun lounges as well as the cushion is going to make all the difference to your levels of comfort.

If you like soft, we would suggest choosing from rattan or plastic frames. If you prefer something a little harder and sturdier, wooden and aluminium frames make a great choice.

For the cushions, you will usually have a choice of cotton fabric or nylon if you want something a little more hardwearing. Of course, more resilient materials will last much longer before showing signs of wear.

Other points you should consider include;

  • Making sure that the style and design you’re interested in complements the rest of your garden furniture.
  • Making sure that the colours you buy are ‘evergreen’ and look great year-round.

Make Weight a Consideration

Outdoor furniture rarely stays in one place year-round. If it isn’t being moved due to a sudden downpour of rain then it will usually be rearranged to provide a better layout.

It is for this reason that your outdoor furniture should be as light as possible, as the lighter it is, the easier you will be able to move it around at a moment’s notice. Plastic is usually the lightest material whilst still being sturdy enough to make a great sun lounge.


Reclining Sun Lounges

It is important that you consider how you would like to use your new sun lounges as they often come with a variety of features, some of which might be perfect for you and some of which won’t be.

Some sun lounges are fixed with no reclining mechanism and some allow you to sit both fully upright whilst also being able to recline into a fully horizontal position. The choice is yours but most people have a preference based on their personal comfort levels.

Buying Your Sun Lounges

When you’ve decided on what your perfect sun beds entail, it’s time to visit a few outdoor furniture showrooms. Lavita outdoor sun beds are a popular option with homeowners in Australia but there are several manufacturers and retailers offering their own unique designs. Be sure to shortlist the sun beds you’re interested in and then compare their features and their respective price points.

Once you’ve found your perfect sun beds, be sure to follow any care instructions provided to ensure that they remain looking their best for as long as possible.

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