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Choosing a removal company

The most critical element before moving to a new home is hiring the right removal company who will provide the best possible service in order to make this process as smooth as possible. Choosing a removal company is a hard task, but here are some tips which can help you to make the choice easier:

Ensure yourself enough time to organize the removal

Be prepared for a long process of moving from the old to the new house, which depends on complex factors such as location, number of items to take with you, budget and other aspects. Start looking for the best removal company as early as possible, because from the first contact to the actual contract can take more than a few days – often a week or more. Sometimes the process can take far more than initially expected, so ensuring extra time would make the removal less stressful.

Hire a local and established firm

Avoid companies from distant states and regions. You save money and time if hiring a local removal company who will be more familiar with local arrangement procedures and laws. Try to ask for recommendations to make sure the company has enough capacity and experience in this field and all its customers have been satisfied.

Compare prices, but don’t go for the lowest

Use a comparison website to find the best rates for your region. These sites can provide some extra information in addition to removal quotes, like reviews from customers, ratings and more. You can often contact a company directly from the website to receive a personal offer. It is very important to save money, but don’t go for the lowest price. Companies offering low rates may not provide the best possible service, or they can be overloaded with jobs and their services may be booking up very quickly in the rush season. Get several rates from different removal firms and check for availability on the desired day. Read the small prints to check if there are some hidden costs, if you don’t want a surprising invoice.

Ask questions

Get as much information as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask about the insurance details offered by our potential contractor. If the firm a member of some Association or not? How long has it been in this business? Is the staff trained and how well will your belongings be protected? Get details about the exact process of moving including time of arrival, staff numbers, hours and more.

Protect yourself

Choosing a company that is a member of a local Association of Removers will ensure an acceptable minimal level of standards, including trained and qualified staff, licensed vehicles, appropriate insurance for your belongings. This is a good starting point from which you can start finding a service provider who will comply with all minimum regulatory standards.