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Benefits of Wood Flooring Compared to Other Forms

With so many types of materials available today, it might be challenging to choose the right flooring for your home. The fact that the floor is one of the defining features of every dwelling is enough reason to be cautious when making the final decision.

Wood flooring has managed to maintain its popularity for a long time now. That is because it is more inviting, timeless, and beautiful than any other type of flooring. Below are some of its many benefits as compared to other forms.

Wood vs. Carpet

Most people tend to ignore the wood flooring because it is more expensive than a rug. However, its benefits outweigh the cost largely. Below are some of the many benefits of wood flooring as compared to the carpet flooring


With minimal maintenance, high-quality wood flooring can last for decades or even a lifetime. In case the material is damaged, it can be repaired without having to get rid of the whole floor. On the other hand, carpets might require a replacement every five years due to stains and daily wear and tear.

Easy to Clean

Wood flooring is easier to clean than the carpet flooring. With only a simple brush or shark vacuum, your wooden floor can look great. A damp mop is also practical enough to clean the mud in your house. As for the carpet, that’s a different story.

Carpets are known to absorb all the dirt and debris in your living room. Despite the cleaning measures put in place, the flooring material will still take in the allergens that are difficult to clear.

Easy to Maintain

It is easier to maintain wood flooring than carpet flooring. That is because you can easily detect the dirt on wood, and this makes the cleaning easier. Moreover, the material is spill and stain-resistant. On the other hand, you will require a lot of maintenance and chemicals on a carpet to keep it safe. It is also challenging to get rid of spills and other forms of dirt from this type of flooring.

Wood vs. tiles

If you are having sleepless nights wondering which of the flooring materials to get between the wood and tiles, then you are in the right place. Check out the following advantages of wood over the tiles.


It is easier to install wood flooring than tiles. That is because you need skills and a lot of preparation to fit in the tiles. On the other hand, you can easily fit in the wood flooring with ease, especially if you have chosen a simple style such as tongue and groove.


Despite the quality of tiles, they can easily crack when a large or heavy load is placed on them. The lifespan can even be shorter, especially if they are of low quality. As for the wood flooring, they can stay for many years, and they are not easily damaged. The fact that tile cannot be easily repaired is enough reason to opt for wood flooring for your house.


If you are looking for warm flooring material, then wood might be the best option for you. It has comfortable ambient temperatures fit for your feet and the rest of the body. As for tiles, they are cold, and you might need underground heating to change this.

Wood vs. Laminate

While older homes have original hardwood, most of the new ones utilize laminate flooring. Laminate has the same look as wood, but it is more affordable. If you are stuck between wood and laminate flooring, you may want to go through the following comparison

Ease of Repair

Wood flooring is more comfortable to repair than a laminate floor. For localized damage, you can remove and replace the individual planks. Alternatively, you can conduct manual sanding or even stain and refinish the damaged area. However, whatever method you choose will depend on the type of flooring finishing. Spot repairs can quickly be done with oiled hardwood floors.

On the other hand, laminate floors cannot be repaired quickly. You can remove and replace a damaged plank on the floating laminate floor (one installed through bringing the pieces together without glue). However, it is tough to do the same if the material was installed using glue.

All the same, laminate flooring cannot be refinished or sanded. Removing and replacing the damaged planks may not be useful. That is because the new pieces may not match the rest of the floor due to sun exposure, wear levels, and age.


Wood flooring has got a long lifespan than laminate flooring. If it is well maintained, it will take approximately 40-80 years for a family to wear down the finish. Additionally, it can be refinished and sanded once it is sufficiently worn down. It is possible to sand a wood floor for 6-7 times.

On the other hand, the life span of the laminate is approximately 20 years. This type of flooring cannot be refinished or sanded. As a result, the accumulated wear and tear will eventually destroy your floor.

The average period between the sanding for the wood is 10-20 years. Admittedly, it is evident that this material outlasts the laminate flooring.


Wood flooring is more eco-friendly than laminate flooring because it is 100% organic; it is manufactured from a single wood. On the other hand, laminate is made from bonding composite materials and melamine resin using high temperatures and pressure. As a result, the floor is far from being organic.

In most European countries, wood flooring manufacturers adhere to strict standards of producing floors that are free from formaldehyde and zero VOC emissions. Even so, the same cannot be said about laminate. During its manufacturing, an incredibly large amount of glue content is utilized to bond the composite materials together.

As you can see, wood flooring has got many benefits compared to other forms of materials. It may be a bit expensive, but it is worth trying out.

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