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7 Home Improvement Projects You Must Avoid Before Selling Your House

One of the reasons you will opt for home improvement projects before selling is to increase the value of your home. It is therefore important to make sure that you interrogate every proposed improvement to determine its potential to make your home stand out from competition and of course increase its value.

A good home improvement project should enhance the property without pricing it out of the market. Here are 7 home improvements you need to avoid as they are unlikely to influence the value of your home:

  • Incorporating a swimming pool.While the prospect of incorporating a swimming pool on your property, this investment usually doesn’t pay off when you are selling your house. To begin with, it is quite expensive to get a swimming pool installed. Moreover, it is also difficult and costly to maintain. Moreover, a pool is likely to turn off a buyer with young children because of its potential to be a hazard. Generally, a swimming pool will not increase the value of your house by not more than 7%.
  • A luxury bathroom. Although it is true that most buyers will make a decision to purchase a home based on your bathroom and kitchen, you mustn’t go overboard. Avoid the temptation to personalize your bathroom to your taste with luxury furnishings as these may not be in line with the taste and preference of the prospective buyer.If anything, a luxury bathroom will not increase the value of your home by the same proportion as the cost. If anything, you might only recover half of the total.
  • High end landscaping.A good kerb appeal will no doubt attract the attention of your home and help increase the value, you don’t have to overdo it. If fact, improving the kerb appeal dramatically will not help you to get back what you put into it. Buyers are likely to be put off by the fact that they may need to maintain and keep up the effort. For some however, their gardening tastes may just be different from yours after all. Therefore, you will do well to stick to simple landscapingthat looks good without the need for so many hours of work.
  • Personalized décor. You may want to personalize your home décor to your taste. While this may be amazing for you, it might not be inviting for potential buyers. In fact, it might result in a loss when the time to sell comes. Therefore, you need to work with neutral colours that do not require a specialized design.
  • A wall to wall carpet.While the carpet may look great initially, your choice of colour and even texture may not appeal to prospective buyers. Some may prefer wood flooring while others may have the intention of installing a new carpet soon after purchasing the house rendering the wall to wall carpet irrelevant even when you spent a fortune on it.
  • Built in aquarium.While this may seem like a worthwhile addition, it can quickly become a liability draining money and time. An Aquarium will also come with the demand of being properly maintained failure to which it could easily become an eyesore. Thus, prospective buyers will want to avoid the responsibility of maintaining it yet removing it is costly. Therefore, this would flag down the value of your home.
  • Garage addition. While potential buyers will always wish for additional garage space, you don’t have to invest in creating one before selling your home. It is unlikely to pay back as you may not realize the amount of money you spent in building it from the sale.

When selecting home improvement projects like we buy any houses, you need to make sure that you only go for those projects that will earn you a good return. Alternatively, you can get a quick house sale company to purchase your house within seven days.

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