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5 Different Ways to Brighten up Your Home

Humans need light. Not only is it essential for our physical wellbeing (think vitamin D) but also our mental health. As such, people need to incorporate as much light into their homes as possible. This is a basic principle of interior design. However, property owners sometimes struggle to think of imaginative ways to invite light into their home. Not to worry. We’re here to provide you with some ideas and inspiration. So, keep reading to find out X different ways to brighten up your home.

1.) Installing Skylights

If you want to have sunlight filtering into your home all day long, then a skylight is perfect. These beautiful features can also add to the value of your property. People often have them installed in their bathrooms and attics or in rooms that are prone to dampness and darkness. Not only do they provide sunlight but also fresh air, breathing life into your home.

2.) Luxury Lighting

For those who want to incorporate glamour into their home, luxury lighting is perfect. This includes things like crystal chandeliers, hall lanterns and abstract wall lights. This type of lighting can become a real feature of your home. It’ll also be the very first thing your guests notice when they come over for tea. Imagine having a dinner party underneath a twinkling chandelier; the ambience and opulence of your home will be unrivalled.

3.) Painting Walls

Believe it or not, the colour of your property’s walls will affect the lighting in your home. Bright and dark hues usually absorb the sunlight, mattifying it. This causes rooms to appear darker and smaller than they actually are. So, to brighten up your home, it might be worth repainting the walls. We recommend using neutral and natural colours because these are able to reflect the sunlight, bouncing it across the room so everything looks lighter and bigger. Shades like white, magnolia, duck egg and soft grey are perfect for this.

4.) Lighting Candles

During the evening, we don’t want the lighting in our home to be too harsh because we’re winding down for bedtime. That’s why we also recommend investing in some candles. These can make your rooms look very warm and atmospheric, whilst still making sure everything is well-lit. Candles can also make your home smell beautiful, like a perfume shop or florists. Candle wax burners are a viable option, too. These are bespoke lampshades which can melt scented candles and produce ambient lighting.

5.) Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a popular option for the bedroom. Once again, they produce very subtle but warm lighting. They can also be a nice decoration to dangle across furniture, such as the bedrails or mirror frames. There are all kinds of fairy lights available, from strings of small bulbs to mini paper lanterns. Choose whichever suits the aesthetic of your home best.

These are some different ways to brighten up your home. We hope you have a little more inspiration now and know how to effectively bring light into each room.