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5 Best Home Improvement and Remodeling Apps for DIYers  

5 Best Home Improvement and Remodeling Apps for DIYers

Who doesn’t want to be the architect of their dream home but resign to expensive designers and decorators, only to compromise for a stranger’s creation? Fortunately, with speeding advancements in technology sector featuring innovations like Virtual Reality have empowered mobile apps with enhanced capabilities. This list offers you such 5 Best Home Improvement and Remodeling Apps for DIYers and creators looking for complete artistic control.


  1. Home Improvement Calcs

Featuring calculators such as mulch, fertilizer, attic insulation, and insulation R-value, Home Improvement Calcs offers up to 250 DIY home improvement calculations and unit conversions.  The inputs and results are in either decimals or fractions and extremely easy to use and understand. You can even create your own favorite list and share your calculations via email, all with a single click of your smartphone. Whether you’re a builder, carpenter, electrician, logger or simply a DIYer who likes to fix things on their own, the app can help fix you up with any calculation.


  1. iFixit

Unless it’s a broken heart, this home improvement app can show you how to fix almost anything. iFixit is the final stop for anyone who often finds themselves opening toasters and decoding circuits of a broken device. The Home Improvement app offers a step by step repair manual for almost every device including MacBook, iPod, PC laptop, Honda Accord, digital cameras, cell phones and many more. All you have to do is choose the category of the device you want to fix and get started with iFixit. Since the app is free and available on App Stores, you can access all these complicated technical solutions without shelling a penny.


  1. TapPainter

Whether you’re planning to paint a new apartment or simply decorate kids bedroom, TapPainter can help you with anything. The home improvement and remodeling app offers a wide range of different colors to choose from, some of which include Benjamin Moore, Behr, California Paints, Dunn Edwards, Dutch Boy, Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore and many others. The app is only meant for interior decor and not exterior as the app UI analyzes the change in interior lighting, registers it and adjusts the color brightness in accordance to the room’s lighting as presented in the image. All you have to is capture and upload an image of the room you want to paint, select the color, tap and start exploring.


  1. Planner 5D

If you’ve ever thought of designing your dream home but gave up on the idea thinking I am not an architect! This home improvement and remodeling app will change your perception. Get ready to create beautiful and realistic interior and exterior designs in 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality modes so you know exactly what you want from a professional architect. Planner 5D  offers a comprehensive catalog of interior and exterior items that you can access in Virtual Reality mode and create your dream home. To top it all, you can even use the app without internet and across several languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Simply sign in with your planner5d.com, Google+ or Facebook account and get started.


  1. BrightNest – Home Tips & Ideas

As Wired Magazine puts it BrightNest is a “Like Lifehacker for your home.” The home improvement and remodeling app offer you a variety of tricks including simple cleaning tricks, interior design ideas and more. All of which is custom-tailored based on your needs and your home’s unique traits (like floor type and countertop material) to help you reach your goals. The simplicity and all-in-one functionality of BrightNest are especially astonishing as all this help can be accessed without ever paying a dime! To spice things up, the home improvement and remodeling app for DIYers also features an interactive Home Quiz that reverts with personalized tips and articles based on your answers. If you find any of them especially helpful, the app even allows you to save or schedule your tips for later.

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