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What Damage Do Termites Adelaide Cause?

In this modern era, many things are made up of wood. Whether you talk about furniture or artifacts or any other thing, wood is one of the primary materials used to make useful things. Although wooden products look quite pretty and attractive, it is also quite tough to maintain them. There are several factors that can damage wooden items, out of which water and termites are two of the primary enemies of wood.

Talking about termites on this website, you will find it is quite difficult to notice their infestation until they have caused large scale damages at home. You will be surprised to know that termites are quite beneficial ecologically and they break down detritus in order to add essential nutrients to the soil. However, this habit of termites can prove to be rather destructive for human homes. This is because termites feed mainly on wood and can easily compromise the natural safety and strength of wooden structures. It is needless to say that damage caused by termites can easily render homes unlivable and give rise to large scale repairs.

Signs of Damages Caused By Subterranean Termites

It is good to know that subterranean termites normally dwell under loose and damp soil. These type of termites are commonly found in Africa and are rather popular for their aggressive nature. However, signs of their presence in the United States is less obvious.

As discussed above, interior damages caused by termites may not be apparent until the damages are in a large scale. You will be surprised to know that termite damages and water damages more or less appear to be similar. Some of the outward signs of damages caused by termites include swollen floors and ceilings, as well as buckling wood.

Signs of Damages Caused By Dry Wood Termites

Unlike subterranean termites, dry wood termites build their colonies within different wooden structures on which they normally feed. These type of termites are rather commonly found inside furniture or walls. Until there is a crack on the veneer and maze like tunnels of termites become visible, the infestations of dry wood termites may not be easily visible. These type of damages are normally visible in really old furniture. If you ever notice such damages in the walls or floors of your house or inside new furniture, it will wise to call a pest control professional to look into the matter.

Structural Damages

There are numerous homes that are built of wood and multiple that are built from other materials. You will be surprised to know that termites do not just target homes that are made of wood. They also target other types of homes as well. Termites can easily move through plaster and metallic siding. They can easily consume wooden furniture, floors, and ceilings.

Ceiling Damages

You will be surprised to know that termites can easily consume a variety of organic materials and cellulose. They can also eat through picture frames, window trims, and books. The type of damages caused to the ceilings of your house by termites is somewhat similar to the damages caused by water.