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Prep Windows and Doors in Your Home for the Winter Months


Now that it’s freezing cold out, you’re going to need to take some steps to preserve the warmth in your home by stopping it from seeping out. How does it do that, you ask? It’s easy. It’s through the doors and windows of your house or apartment.

Nothing is a worse insulator than glass as it can just allow warm air to escape, particularly in homes with single pane windows and doors. That might have you thinking about window replacement virginia beach, but not so fast folks. You have options that can help you prepare your house for winter without incurring the costs of putting in all new doors and windows.

Here are some of the more common alternatives that homeowners just like you often turn to when it’s time to insulate these challenging areas for keeping you warm indoors and keeping the cold out.

Window Film

There are a couple of different varieties of window film but they all basically work the same. You cut pieces of material to fit your panes of glass and then attach them using double-sided sticky tape or magnetic paint and strips so that the film can be removed and replaced.

The main purpose of this window film is to add an extra layer of insulation to the glass so that you can slow the heat emanating through it. The good news is that many of these kits are inexpensive and easy to use for even the least handy among us.

Caulks and Putty Strips

Glass isn’t the only way for heat to escape and the home growing cold. Drafts can easily get into the house through cracks and gaps from warped window frames and years of wear and tear. When these occur you need to plug them up as best you can and they can be found both inside and outside of the dwelling.

Much like with the window films, you have choices of putties, sealants, and caulks with which to close these openings that can become rived over time.

Sealants sometimes come in the form of strips that can be cut to size and applied to the affected regions. Caulks are good for plugging the gaps and cracks along the trim or frame and these can both be a great way to solve the issue.

Window Treatments

Curtains, shades, and drapes are common for dressing up windows for aesthetics, privacy, reducing light from getting into the home and yes, keeping the heat indoors. But you can’t just put up any curtain or shade to accomplish the task.

You need to seek out specially insulated window treatments that are built with special insulation lining that makes them effective for maintaining proper heat levels in the home and preventing the chill from getting through. These window coverings act towards the same purpose as the window films but without direct application to the window itself.

Even better, you can keep these up year round to keep the cool air from getting out and the hot outdoors from getting inside during the summer.


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