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Things to Consider When Gardening in Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the different things you need to take into consideration when gardening during the warmer temperatures. Gardening tasks will vary from person to person, depending on what you use your garden for, but whether you’re a keen gardener with your produce proudly growing in your greenhouse, or you simply like to keep on top of a neat, welcoming outdoor space, it’s time to prep for the summer months ahead.

Combat Weeds

One of the most frustrating tasks, no matter what season, is weeding. Weeds are renowned for creeping up and disrupting even the most well-kept gardens and the summer heat can cause them to come in even stronger and faster than usual. The main aim should be to deter the weeds from growing through, so it’s really beneficial to stock up on the necessary equipment, such as a safe and quality weed killer to keep on top of them.

Greenhouse Shading

For those who are keen to utilise the greenhouse throughout summer, you’ll be aware that temperature is key for certain plants and produce. Having too much direct sunlight can be damaging to your projects, so adding some greenhouse shading can help to manage the heat and sunlight control, keeping your plants healthier and growing properly. It’s surprising how much damage sunlight can actually cause to plants during the summer months, which is why greenhouse shading can be an essential part of your garden from June through to September. Take a look online at different shading options to find the right fit for your greenhouse set up and help protect your plants from too much sun.

When to Water

Watering your plants in the morning or evening is much better than watering them during the afternoon. You should focus on watering the plants when the temperature is slightly cooler, as midday the sun can be extremely hot and when watered prior to this, your soil will be ready to handle the heat and won’t become too dry from dehydration. It’s good to get into a routine of watering the plants before you retire to bed, or first thing in the morning so that you can tick that task off for the day and rest assured your soil is ready for the day ahead.

Gentle Trims

When it comes to mowing the lawn, you want to focus on giving your lawn a gentle trim. You shouldn’t be taking the grass to low or it may start to brown or become patchy. The best thing to do is to start off longer and work your way down to a desired grass length, taking into consideration that as the months progress, you’ll want to raise the length back up by early autumn to keep the grass looking healthy and green.

Image Source: Green Drop