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Texture is making its way into the trends

Textures are hot and happening in 2018. Used in numerous materials from fabrics to flooring, wallpapers and even wood-based panels, textures give a more genuine feel, creating an authentic and inspired space.

During PG Bison’s 2018 Season Tour, Jason Wells, PG Bison’s Product Manager explained that when introducing new colours to people their first reaction is always to reach out and touch the sample. This falls in line with the emerging human need to not only see something, but to experience it. Touch is just another way in which we experience something and the trend of textured materials is satisfying that need. While PG Bison has introduced texture to their range through their MelaWood SupaTexture product, other brands in the interior design industry are doing the same.

Here are five ways that you can add texture to your home.

  1. Lighting

While lighting doesn’t add physical texture, the correct use of mood lighting casts shadows in some places and highlights other areas, depending on how different objects reflect light.  This creates a sense of texture and depth in a space, adding to how we experience it.

  1. Nature

Texture in many materials is inspired by nature, but why not use elements from nature to add texture to your home. Shells, raw wood, feathers, antlers, stones, plants and even candlelight can be used to add natural depth.

  1. Shading

Different shades of similar colours can be used on walls to add dimension. Paint your walls using different techniques such as ombre or colour washing or opt for a textured paint that adds a grainy or rippled feel.

  1. Layering

Layering of rugs, throws, and scatter cushions is an effective way to add depth to a room, and easy to mix up and alter as time goes on. Be sure to choose neutral colours and patterns so that the layers don’t clash.

  1. Touch

It is no longer about what looks good, but what feels good. While layering and lighting add depth to a space there is still a need for touchable texture. Make use of velvet, faux fur, embroidered or woven fabrics and tassels to add a real feeling to your now textured space.

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