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How to keep your garden disease-free?

One of the worst things happening to your garden, is to see it getting attacked by a disease, all of a sudden, a dozen. Most horrifying questions pop into your mind. What is going to happen now?

Are all my plants going to die because of this disease? How long would it take for the lawn to recover from this disease? What should I do for prevention? And several other such questions would haunt you all day.

The best approach, for getting a diseased lawn, cured, is to call the professionals and avail their services for the lawn. For example, you could call the Lawn Mowing Franston Vic, hire their professionals for the job and get your lawn treated. They are experts in this field and they know exactly how to get rid of a diseases lawn.

In case you want to do the treatment of your garden all by yourself, then you can go DIY and get it done. But before starting, you need to learn the necessary things regarding the disinfection of your lawn.

Remember, when a lawn is under attack, it is because of 3 things that combine together and increase the effect of disease. So when you are up to the disinfection therapy, you need to deal with all the three factors to completely eliminate the effect.

  1. A host: a plant that is the reason for the spread of disease. This plant could have got infected due to some insects that transferred the germs of diseases or some other such thing.
  2. A pathogen: a microorganism, such as a bacteria or virus is responsible for the spread of the disease from the host to the other plants.
  3. The environment: the environmental conditions that favor the spread of the disease, such as drought or humidity, are responsible as well, for favoring the spread of the disease.

The spread of the disease happens only when these three things work as a triangle. In order to knock out the disease, you have to knock out one of the corners of the triangle. This way, the disease would spread lesser.

Again, you could avail the professional expertise of the Lawn Mowing Franston Vic, and get the disease exterminated. If you are willing to do it on your own, you have to check and inspect the lawn for the prevailing three factors described above.

So first, you would check for the diseased or a host plant, that is causing the disease. For this, you will have to inspect all the plants one by one and on finding out the host, you will have to cut it off.
then, to cease the spread of the pathogens, you will make use of some approved spray for the plants, that would help kill the diseases spreading virus and bacteria. You will have to keep an eye on the bugs as well because some bugs are healthy for your plants but others are not.