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Key Historical Places to Visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad was once under the rule of Nizam. During his period and even before that, several rulers have ruled Hyderabad, and, turn, turned it into a city of art. So, besides the delicious biryani, this city of Telangana has got a number of places that attracts Indians and foreign tourists alike. Though some of the historical places are in ruins, they do leave the visitors charmed by the grandeur these possess.

So, if you are new to Hyderabad and are looking for places to visit in the city that makes your weekend a memorable one, we have got a list for you to cover:

#1 Golkonda Fort

Talking about the Nizam and Mughals and not mentioning about forts is the rarest of rare occasions. Golkonda Fort is an example of the rich history that Hyderabad carries. The fort is merely 11 Km away from Hyderabad, and you can definitely carry your picnic basket over here.

Golconda is derived from the Telugu dialect. ‘Golla’ in Telugu means ‘Shepherd’ and ‘Konda’ means ‘Hill’. Together, the word ‘Golconda’ means ‘Shepherd’s Hill’. The fort remains open every day from 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

#2 Chowmahalla Palace

Chowmahalla Palace in Hyderabad presents an excellent example of a royal palace. Salabat Jung, in the year 1750, initiated the construction of the palace, and it was accomplished during the period of Afzal-ad-Dawlah in the 1880s. The palace originally stood in the area of about 45 acres; however, most of it is in ruins, and only 12 acres worth of the palace is intact.

The palace remains closed on Fridays and National Holidays and is otherwise open for a visit between 10 AM to 5 PM.

#3 Charminar

Charminar is the middle name of Hyderabad. Charminar was built when the then ruler Quli Qutb Shah moved his capital from Golcondo to Hyderabad. The historical monument boasts four minarets. The historical monument looks magnificent every time you stop by to take a look; however, its beauty knows no bound when it is illuminated at night.

Though the monument can be visited during any time of the year, October to March is a favourable time for a trip. If you purchase a ticket, you will be allowed to climb the stairs and take a view of the first level.

Top Places to Live in Hyderabad

Though Hyderabad is known for its culture, it is gradually turning into a dream city for many with the increase in employment opportunities. If you are looking to rent a flat in Hyderabad, you should look for places such as Gachibowli, Patancheru, Kondapur, Miyapur, and Banjara Hills.

Rental flats in Hyderabad can cost you somewhere between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000 for 1 BHK. If you want a 2 BHK flat in Hyderabad for rent, you should be ready to spend around Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 18,000. When you are looking for 3 BHK flats for rent in Hyderabad, the price range that you should look at is Rs. 22, 000 to Rs. 40,000.

In prime localities like Banjara Hills, the cost of renting a3 BHK flat can even range to Rs. 80,000 a month. If you are an IT professional, you can move to Hitech City. Here you can find rental flats at affordable prices

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