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Are You Considering Wooden Fencing for Your Property? Your Top Questions Answered

When you are thinking about fencing for your property, chances are, the top material in your mind is wood. Wood fencing has been used for a long time, after all, and it has proven its merit in many ways: it’s durable, it’s strong and sturdy, and it has a natural, classic appeal which can lend beauty and elegance to your property. But you may have certain questions when it comes to wooden fencing as well: How long does it last? and Does it require maintenance? So, are you considering wooden fencing for your property? Here, your top questions are answered.

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking, the price of your wooden fencing will really depend on several factors, which include the fence’s height, its design, other materials used in conjunction with the fencing (such as capping or rails), and the kind of wood which is used. A stronger kind of wood will often fetch a higher price, but it’s an investment which is made to last. In order to determine the right budget for your fencing project, think about the height you prefer for your fence as well as the materials to be used. Get quotes from several wood fencing specialists in your area so you will know the price range as well as what kind of service you can expect.

Can I install it myself?

Whilst you may be able to install your wooden fencing yourself as a DIY project, you would need to ensure that the wood fencing you have installed is not only safe but also durable and adheres to local regulations or codes. It’s always a better idea to seek help from professional suppliers and installers of fence panels in Cirencester so that you can be sure of a good quality fence installation. One aspect to note is that when you are installing wooden fencing, you need to make sure that the post holes are exact and that you do not hit any utility lines either. Trying to install wooden fencing on your own may give you some initial savings, but if you have to redo the job or the fencing breaks down or needs repair after only a short time, it would have to be done all over again. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What is the best stain for my wooden fencing?

Wooden fencing can be quite attractive, adding to your property’s kerb appeal. But if you want to enhance your fence’s durability and prevent water damage and weathering, it needs to be stained. The stain can be reapplied once every two years. You can opt for a solid wood stain, which can last for a good long time, although it may end up affecting the wood’s natural beauty. You can also opt for a clear stain, but this may not provide your wooden fencing ample protection from the elements. One good option would be a semi-transparent wood stain, but you can ask for recommendations from your wood fencing professional as well.