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Get The Greenest Lawn On The Block This Summer

It’s hard to feel motivated about watering your lawn during extreme bouts of heat – in particular, Toronto is notorious for curiously long and unrelenting heatwaves that cause even the greenest of lawns to quickly brown in the sun. Indeed, no homeowner in their right mind would go out of their way to water a lawn in the thick of the sun’s wrath. That’s where automated irrigation comes in handy.

If you’re looking for the best possible greenery this summer, despite any and all heatwaves, professional help is certainly advisable – EZ Lawn Sprinklers are, for instance, a well-known irrigation company that can help you easily install and maintain state of the art irrigation systems, for reasonable prices.

Professionally trained service technicians and mechanics will be able to come in and perform all necessary tasks from day one all the way through completion. After digging out and installing the underground pipes and sprinkler heads, they will set and adjust the sprinklers so that each specific zone is covered when watering is taking place. Professional experience here will ensure full area coverage, with no zone being under or over saturated. After that, your contractors will install the timer or controller, program it according to whatever preferences you may have, and in turn educate you, the client, on the system programming so that you may make changes to the watering schedule as you see fit.

Getting the greenest lawn on the block is simple when you have automated sprinklers, but this isn’t the only benefit of automated irrigation systems. In terms of undertaking the exhausting labour of watering your lawn, you can – from now on – leave it in the hands of your automated schedule. No longer will you need to spend time dragging hoses and sprinkler for the better part of your afternoon on a hot day; instead, this tedious task will be accomplished with little to no effort. All you have to do is ensure the scheduled watering system you establish is maintained, and that your sprinklers are cared for every so often.

Well-manicured lawns, as well as full and vibrant shrubbery can provide your home – or business – with a great deal of curb appeal and, ultimately, property value. Not only will you impress your friends and neighbours daily, but passersby will likely do a doubletake when they see just how green and cared for your lawn is. No longer is summer a hot, strenuous season with automated irrigation on your side. By sidestepping all of this unnecessary manual labour, you’ll be able to get a lot more relaxation penciled in to your days. Going forward, you can simply enjoy the outdoors, while still maintaining a beautiful, luscious home that you can feel proud of for many years to come.