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Everything you need to know about Beers.

What is Beer?

In the widest sense, beer is an alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of the grains. It is very similar to Wine, as Wine is made by fermentation of grapes. The foundation grain of beer is most often than not, barley.

Process of Fermentation:

In the process of beer fermentation, firstly yeast is added to convert the glucose in the grains to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is how the beverage becomes alcoholic and carbonated. Normally, the cooled grains are first transferred into the fermentation vessel and if it’s an ale (normally made in warmer temperature) then the grains and yeast mixture will remain in the vessel on for two weeks in high temperature, but if the drink is lager (made in lower temperature) the mixture will remain in the vessel for about six weeks in lower temperature. In this process, since the fermentation process produces heat, the tanks are cooled off instantly.

Some facts about beer:

Here are some random facts about beer, which can make one sound like a master of beers:

  • It is not yet has been found exactly who invented beer but beer and brewing date back to Sumeria, which is located in modern Iraq. It was approximately 4000 years ago.
  • There are around 150 calories in a 12-ounce of beer.
  • Africa sells beer that is brewed from Banana.
  • Austria offers pools with a beer in it, so swimming with beer is crossed on the checklist now.
  • Japan offers beer cans with brails so blind people don’t get confused between soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.
  • The first straws were made in Sumeria which was used to drink beer.
  • The best-selling beer in the world is called ‘Snow’ and is Chinese.
  • Some people like to drink warm beer, while many find it repulsive.

Beer Coolers:

In case you find warm beer revolting, guess what is best for you.

A best beer cooler; it is fairly a new thing but not too new. It is sometimes a small box-shaped cooler, but now the designs are different and there is a variety even in coolers. Beers need to be stored in cool places as it has a shelf life and if kept in a warm place for too long, the fermentation goes bad and the beer expires.

Many people have these coolers at their homes to compensate for the space in their fridges as beer bottles and cans take up a lot of space. Beer coolers can also be taken to picnics or camping sites. They are normally good enough to travel with but some of them are bad in quality. One can easily search online for the beer cooler review and decide for themselves which one they find the best beer cooler in the world. The beer cooler is very comfortable to use and is easily carried. They don’t leak water or gather much space at home either. Many people find beer coolers very necessary in their lives, especially those who have a craze for chilled beer available at any time.