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Building a Green Home with SIPs

In recent years, there has been much emphasis put on building green homes. Green homes are meant to use fewer resources and increase efficiency while maintaining an excellent quality of living. There are certain building materials that perfectly meet the requirements of a green build. One example is Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs. These are made with insulating materials sandwiched between two sheets of OSB. There are many reasons why using SIPs to build homes is good for the environment.

Sustainable materials

SIPs can be made from OSB sourced from sustainable materials. For example, SIPS are fabricated from softer wood harvested from farms, which is renewable. This helps lessen the need for using hardwood taken from forests.

No toxic chemicals

Before choosing a SIPs manufacturer, check first the type of materials used in insulation. Insulation such as EPS foam is ideal because it does not contain nor emit formaldehyde into the air. It helps lessen the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the air.

Promotes better indoor air quality

Due to the accumulation of toxic chemicals, indoor air is often more hazardous than the air outside. One of the primary culprits for the increase in toxic chemicals indoors is the use of materials that contain substances not good for the health. SIPs are an exception because they do not emit harmful substances into the air that can be harmful to the health of an individual.

Increased energy-efficiency

SIPs have a low U-value which means they have high energy-efficiency. Due to their superb insulation capability, they help trap heat inside the structure and reduce energy consumption by around 50%. In addition to this, reduced energy use also means that the home emits fewer carbon emissions into the air.

The thermal performance of SIPs is the primary reason why they have been widely adopted in the UK market. While they have been around for decades, the use of SIPs in modern homes has only gained popularity over the last decade.

Homeowners who have become concerned with the rising energy costs are looking for ways to improve their residences with the use of energy-efficient building materials like SIPs.

Efficient use of resources

There is no better way to preserve the environment than to ensure that resources are not depleted. The construction industry is responsible for using up most of the wood gathered from forests. Since these trees cannot be replaced, it causes forest degradation and other disastrous environmental issues.

By making sure that only renewable and sustainable materials are used, there is less dependence on using natural resources that cannot be replaced. SIPs only use lumber from tree farms and other materials that can be recycled.

Building a green home is, in fact, more cost-effective than traditional methods. You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the structure because renewable materials like SIPs are durable and strong. They are easy to install, and it takes less time for a builder to complete a project than using traditional timber frames. The living space created is warm and comfortable where homeowners enjoy the added benefit of saving energy.