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A Well Cared for Reindeer Rug Will Last for Years


Animal skins have become a very popular covering for the home. They bring something a little different to the most modern of homes and complement those with a more traditional feel. It seems that carpets have become unpopular, with wooden and tiled coverings taking over. Animal skin rugs make the perfect addition to such natural flooring, and if they are looked after correctly will last for a number of years. If you’re a little concerned about the ethics behind animal skin rugs then don’t be. The skins are a by-product of the meat industry. This includes reindeer, which is farmed extensively in countries such as Sweden, Russia and Finland.

A reindeer hide makes a sumptuous floor covering, with its soft fur and natural colours. Obviously this type of rug is not meant to be walked on. It is more of an ornamental addition to a room. For them to keep their original condition, it is best not to step, sit or walk on them at all. When you first bring the rug home you can expect it to shed a little bit of its fur, for the first couple of weeks. After that it should happen less and less. You will, however, need to keep shaking the rug every couple of weeks, to remove the excess hair.

General Maintenance for Your Reindeer Rug

Reindeer rugs can be used both inside and outside the home. The hide has its own natural waterproofing, but if it does get wet you should allow it to dry naturally. The best place for this to happen is in natural sunlight. Don’t be tempted to hang it in front of the fire or some other high temperature heat source, as this will lead to shedding and moulting of the fur. If the rug is being used indoors you should put it outside at least once a month.

General cleaning of the fur requires very little, apart from a gentle vacuum, every now and then. Don’t use the small suction attachments as these will remove too much of the hair. The best attachment to use is a soft brush. This can be used to delicately massage the surface. Vacuuming is not essential, as taking the rug outside and shaking it will work equally well.

Keep your cats and other animals well away from this type of rug. The softness can be a very attractive feature, for cats in particular, and it won’t be long before the constant pawing will ruin the rug.

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