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Tips to Help Your Home Beat the Summer Heat

You have an air conditioner. You don’t need to read this post. Hang on. You might. Even if you have a brand new HVAC unit that is energy efficient and purrs like a kitten, you can keep your house even cooler and save more money on your energy bills. Summer shouldn’t be a time of dread. You shouldn’t pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep a comfortable indoor environment. Follow these tips to enhance your air conditioning’s cooling power.

1. Use Fans Indoors and Out

Air circulation is key to keeping cool. Even if the air circulated isn’t that cool, the sensation on your skin tricks you into thinking you’re cooler. You know how good it feels when a summer breeze hits you when you’re outdoors, take advantage of this indoors. Install ceiling fans throughout your home to keep the air inside moving. Install them outside on your patios, too. This moves the air outdoors. Use standing fans for those who want air blowing directly on them.

2. Open and Close

Monitor your temperature and use your doors and windows to your advantage. If the area where you live cools down nicely at night, turn off the air and open up. Use standing and window fans to draw cool air into the home all night long. Once the temperature begins to rise in the morning, close everything up, including the blinds and drapes. Prevent the sun and the heat its UV rays generate from getting indoors. This keeps the inside air much cooler and the AC off much longer.

3. Seal Everything

Inspect your home during your spring-cleaning projects and make certain there is no way outside air can get in. Are your doors and windows properly sealed? Do you have cracks in your walls? Are the walls and attic insulated properly? You need to ensure your home is protected from outside elements all year long, but even a simple air leak through a doorframe can make your AC work harder. Seal your doors and windows properly, and address any structural issues, too.

4. Maintain Your Air Conditioner

If you don’t have a brand new air conditioner, it’s important to have it inspected prior to the summer months. If you read your AC’s owner’s manual, you’ll AC service and repair is recommended on an annual or bi-annual basis. This ensures your unit runs at its best, which saves you money. It also addresses any issues before they become a huge and costly problem. A professional will maintain the unit and replace any parts before the triple-digit temperatures hit.

5. Head Outside?

Finally, a bonus tip is turn up the AC to save energy and head out for some family fun in the sun. Okay, this is admittedly a little off-topic, but summertime is family time, and you can keep your home cooler by leaving it. You won’t be generating heat indoors through electronic devices and kitchen appliances, and nothing is better than heading to beach, lake, or pool. If you don’t live near a body of water, go to the arcade, bowling, or find another form of indoor recreation everyone will love.

You can beat the summer heat and save money too if you follow these tips. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too, to keep yourself cool inside.

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