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The best radiators for small spaces

Keeping warm is essential for health, and a heated home can deter the formation of condensation and mould. Space-saving radiators will keep your room at the right temperature and guarantee a comfortable, inviting abode. With beauty and warmth, your home will become your sanctuary.

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Radiators offer creative solutions to a lack of space. Below we explain the advantages of space-saving radiators when you have a small room.

Compact radiators

Don’t underestimate these small radiators. They can heat an entire room effectively and efficiently.

Stelrad compact radiators lead the field. Their collection has all attributes and features you might expect from a full-sized radiator. The Stelrad Compact K2 radiator offers double panelling and high-quality performance.

Stelrad compact K1 radiators

A major disadvantage of K2 radiators is that in a small room, they protrude from the wall. As an alternative, go for a Stelrad Compact K1 radiator. This is a single-panel convector model. One of its main advantages is that it supplies a far greater British Thermal Unit (BTU) output than a normal radiator. It also protrudes less than the K2 radiator.

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Column radiators

Column radiators are an attractive option if you are short on room. You may choose column radiators since these designs look chic in a small space.

The Telegraph advises on what radiators may be suitable for your space.

Heated towel rails

When heating small spaces, the bathroom often requires the most imagination and thought. Be creative and incorporate a towel radiator. These attractive space-saving radiators are multipurpose and can solve your problems.

Heated towel rails come in a variety of sizes, styles and designs and choosing a stylish heated towel rail will not compromise on heat efficiency.

Underfloor heating

With underfloor heating, you don’t need to worry about squeezing in a radiator. The heat underneath the floor will cover a big space. As the warm air ascends, heat gets distributed thoroughly and evenly throughout the room.

Vertical or horizontal space-saving radiators

Space-saving horizontal radiators have a standard appearance. They are smaller, and enable you to use limited space.

If you’ve got less floor space and more wall space, a vertical space-saving, wall-mounted radiator may be for you. Vertical radiators look superb in any room wherever you decide to place them.