What is a Spindle Moulder?

A spindle moulder is a woodworking machine that uses special tools or blades to cut and shape wood in a curved design. One of the prime uses of a spindle moulder is in shaping the raised panelling on doors. Other uses include creating the decorative edges of tables and cupboards or the tiered cornices of ceilings. The blades are fixed to the machinery which consists of a spindle or shaft attached to a router mounting system. This is then fitted to a specific work bench known as a router table. A superior table can be instantly adapted to receive any type of router mount due to a set of adjustable T-slots and clamps.

Router Table

The success of a spindle moulder’s shaping action relies on it being fitted to a versatile router table that will prevent the timber from slipping. When working with high-powered cutting tools which turn at great speeds of up to 25,000 rpm, the router table needs to be stable and safe. Some of the most appropriate for meeting safety guidelines are fabricated in cast iron and provide a stable work surface through solid legs that are angled. The weight of an effective, reliable router table can be in excess of fifty kilograms. An additional section or carriage of aluminium is often included to enable flexibility and accuracy when adjusting the table’s support for the length of wood to be shaped. The heavyweight, cast iron table surface can be positioned at varying angled heights by means of a gas spring mechanism that uses a form of hydraulic pressure to move it effortlessly.

Flexibility when cutting

The spindle moulder which is fitted to the router mounting system, can be adjusted to allow different heights when shaping a section of timber. A collet extension is used to gain the correct distance from the table’s surface and is useful when needing to change blades or knives on the cutter head. Router tables usually include pressure pads and sturdy, non-slip clamps to keep timber firmly in place while the spindle moulder is in motion.

Safety Features

Woodworking can often be hazardous (not when using dust suppression equipment hire)but when a spindle moulder is fitted to a high-quality router table there are in-built safety features. Dual fence guards can be aligned separately through a micro-adjustment facility on the router table. Timber can be positioned to ensure accurate cutting. Wood shaping can be carried out from either side of the router table if the fence guards can be reversed. Working with timber produces a fine dust which can be hazardous but a superior router table incorporates a dust extraction hood. The hose from a portable dust extractor can be fitted to the outlet nozzle of the hood to ensure that the finest dust is removed safely while shaping timber. Whenever you need a high-quality spindle moulder or router table Data Power Tools are sure to have exactly the right equipment at cost-effective prices.

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