Tips for Keeping Your House Warm and Your Bills Low in the Winter in Vancouver

spray foam roofing

There are so many great ways to keep your home warm in the winter time, and one of them is to call up one of those insulation companies and get some insulation installed. If you have an older home or you just don’t know what the status of the insulation in your home is, you’ve got to do what you can in order to try and go ahead with that and get it checked out before winter starts officially. The earlier that you can get an appointment with the insulation companies, the better, but it’s a pretty painless process and they can fit you in during the winter too. Getting proper insulation saves you the big money.

This can extend to other areas of your home. Be sure that there are no leaks and no drafts in your home by being sure that the caulking is tight and that there are attic seals in place. Otherwise, you might want to take advantage of home caulking or spray foam roofing in Vancouver. These types of processes are going to eliminate leaks and keep your home temperature much more maintained. Check out spray foam roofing in Vancouver online to get better examples and ideas of what we mean!


At the end of the day, it’s hard to imagine having more great tips than that. But those are two very good ones. Here are some more.

  • Seal windows with special sheeting to seal in heat.
  • Wear a sweater over everything.
  • Slippers are a good idea when you can have them on in the home.
  • Do what you can to keep doors closed and sealed tightly.
  • Use a wood fireplace to add heat to your home for free.
  • Keep the home at a general temperature and use space heaters to heat the room you’re in
  • Buy one of those wearable blankets that are really soft and warm
  • Curl up under blankets and binge watch television
  • Put a heating pad on you wherever you are when laying down
  • Get spray roofing foam in Vancouver
  • Bake goods in the oven and then open the door when done and let your home or apartment heat naturally
  • Purchase clothing and socks that have thick warm layers
  • Make sure that your central heating and furnace work
  • Opening windows for the sun during the day for natural light and heat

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