This Festive Season Let’s Celebrate with Renewable, Recyclable & Biodegradable Paper Plates

Disposability has become the other name for convenience in our fast paced contemporary life. We prefer disposable products because they do not require to be maintained for later use. Use it, throw it away and move on. We most obviously turn to disposable products when we are throwing a party or entertaining a large number of people.

Using disposable paper plates, bowls, cups and glasses saves us a lot of cleaning time and efforts that the other crockery would have needed. It is the biggest relief on the part of the host who can trash all the used plates in the dustbin and hit the sack after a long and tiring party.

Not having to clean them or worry about breakage in case of glassware and escaping from the whole lot of work that usually makes up for an after-party chore is the biggest relief that every party host would swear by. This practice has led to years of using disposable paper and plastic products. India happened to be one of the leading disposable paper plate exporters in the world.

A Balance between Convenience and Sustainability

While the entire mankind was saving time and energy by using these use and throw products, they completely forgot what havoc these products could create to the environment. And now, when we are facing the repercussions of this mindless lifestyle choice, with sea beds being filled with plastics resulting devastation of water lives and other environmental issues that are directly or indirectly affecting us in some way or the other, we are finally whipped out of our snooze to find a balance between our much loved convenience and sustainability. Thus the innovation named biodegradable and recyclable paper plates which come as a savior for the environment.

Hence, now the arrangement is such that you use and throw them after your party gets over just like you have been doing for years. And later someone collects them from the trash and recycles them into very many beautiful products that can be used again. Thus these are not ‘wasted’ to end up clogging out sea and river beds. Switching to biodegradable paper plates have been a much more responsible stance that has given this planet and many of the endangered species a new lease of life.

Paper Products – The Safest of All Disposable Items

Paper has always been the safest and the most eco-friendly of all disposable products. They ensure renewability, thus contributing substantially towards a cleaner and greener environment. Plastics were preferred over paper products for the sheer durability that was lacking in the earlier paper products. However, now, with the latest reusability being the top priority among disposable plate manufacturers in India, paper plates come in a much more durable and stylish versions that suits the purpose in all sense.

The market is now, flooded with colorful paper plates that add the much needed style quotient to your party while relieving you from the guilt of creating environmental hazards. The products range from sturdy, lightweight and stylish dinner plates, saucers, food trays, cups, glasses and napkins. The manufacturers are always trying to improve the quality and functionality that serves the party animals to their satisfaction while saving the earth as well.

A Word About Reneability

The word ‘recycle’ reverberate the words of Bhagavat Gita – a soul never dies. It just takes another form. The leaves that fall from the tree get assimilated with the soil only to nourish the tree to grow and bloom further. This has been at the very core of existence, sustainability and growth on this planet. This festive season let us go back to this age old mantra of recycling and renewing in every aspect of our lives.

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