Rainbow Interior: Benjamin Moore Paint Shades in Richmond Hill

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Benjamin Moore is one of the leading sellers of paints for the home in the United States, and as such, they have quite a variety to offer. Instead of selecting one or two out of the bunch, today we’re giving you great options for every colour under the sun, and you can find it all at a paint store in Toronto, a paint store in Richmond Hill, or a paint store in your area.

We know that there’s nothing better than having a full range of colourful and tasteful options. Style counts in interior design, and it starts with what’s on the walls in terms of paint. So today, we’re going over the whole rainbow of the best Benjamin Moore shades of paint out there for every colour (except gray and black).

Want to find out what your ideal red or orange or green or yellow (we could go on) would be? Based on popular buyer’s choices and our own picks, here are some colours for every shade of the rainbow. You can get these at any paint store in Toronto or paint store in Richmond Hill or your area and they will be a great addition to any room.

Rainbow Bright: Our Recommendations for Benjamin Moore Paint Shades


– Dinner Party: Make a statement with this bold crimson shade.

– Ladybug Red: This somewhat muted red still manages to be pleasing to the eye.

– Ruby Red: Just like a grapefruit, this shade is vibrant and has quite a presence.


-Peach Pie: This lightest of the orange – too cute to resist.

-Crisp Straw: Transport yourself to Tuscany with this golden-orange shade.

-Soft Pumpkin: If you want something darker orange but still light, this shade is for you.


-San Diego Cream: Feel like you’re in West Coast heaven.

-Weston Flax: This mellow yellow is just the right shade of gold.

-Hawthorne Yellow: Full of character and vibrant.


-November Rain: Moody and light enough to be soothing.

-Silver Sage: Named for an herb worthy of being on the wall.

-Wethersfield Moss: Make a forest statement that looks like a million bucks. Maybe great paint shades do grow on trees!


-Beacon Gray: Gray meets blue, and it’s love at first sight.

-Van Courtland Blue: This solid blue-teal shade makes no apologies for its bold yet subtle pigmentation.

-Van Deusen Blue: Van Courtland’s cousin who inherited a title and now comes from old money.


-Lavender Mist: Feel like you’re sailing on a sea of soft lavender flowers.

-Amethyst Cream: Perfect for a girl’s bedroom. Right in between light purple and bold violet.

-Grape Gum: Destined to help you make a statement. Goes best with gold-framed artwork.


-Shell Pink: This barely-there pink is so lightly pigmented and soft that it’s irresistible.

-Voile Pink: Soft and perfect for a newborn’s nursery (so is ‘Newborn Pink’).

-Elephant Pink: Something about this is just classic Moroccan colour.


-Simply White: You cannot get any better than this classic white shade.

-Chantilly Lace: Just like the lace that your grandmother wore on the day that she got married, this classic white shade from Benjamin Moore is timeless.

-White Dove: Just off-white enough to be just right.

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