3 major disposable cups in India and their uses

The cups that we use to drink vary widely based on the material used to manufacture it. The very first cups were mostly made out of wood. They were designed in a range of designs to attract people. Then came the metal mugs made of gold, lead, silver etc. The advantage of the wood mugs was that they suit hot drinks. But it was difficult to drink from these mugs because of the thick walls they have. The mugs like gold, lead and silver mugs on the other hand had thin walls but do not suit hot drinks. Glass cups, porcelain glasses etc too entered the market and then disposable cups started entering the market. They established their authority in the market soon and still are well demanded because of qualities like easy disposability and simplicity of use. You can gather A-one disposable glasses from Disposable glass exporter in Punjab.

Disposable cups

Disposable cups are easy to dispose (or are easy to cast away). They are demanded highly as used at almost all public areas. For example: with water cans for drinking water. It is also used to offer coffee & other beverages while organizing events, parties etc. They are very easy to use and dispose. Some of them are recyclable and therefore supports the environment. All these qualities made them the best choice among glass / cup products (rather than other non disposable cup or glass products). There are many varieties in it – among which three major categories exist. These three major categories are:

  1. Foam cups
  2. Plastic cups
  3. Paper cups

Foam cups

They are the best choice when it comes to handling hot drinks. This is because of the high insulation-quality of foam. They don’t pass heat to your hands but insulate it from reaching your hands. They are very light in weight and are good at holding their original shapes. They are cost-effective too. The shape-holding property of foam cups prevent spilling of hot beverages and thereby avoids burn. They suit not only hot drinks but also cool drinks.

Plastic cups

They come in two varieties based on the thickness of the cup walls. The two varieties are:

  1. Hard plastic
  2. Thinly walled

Hard plastic

Are you feeling that you can serve only cold drinks using plastic cups? If yes, then hard plastic cups will change this! Hard plastic cups suit both cold & hot drinks and can be used to serve both kinds of drinks.

Thinly walled

These paper cups have thin walls and suit cold drinks. They are very cheap and therefore can be used in events – where huge volumes of cups are required. These cups are crack resistant too.

High impact plastic is used for the manufacture of polyester cups. They are shatterproof. These cups suit serving of cold beverages.

Paper cups

Some paper cups are poly coated and some are air pocket insulated. Both of these constructions are to make them suitable for hot drinks. Recycled versions of paper cups are also available. Many of these recycled versions suit both cold and hot drinks. Most of them can be composted easily and are made from renewable resources. Extra leak protection is offered via wax coated paper cups. Wax coated ones are rigid too.

All events demand the use of disposable cups for entertaining your clients or relatives with hot or cold drinks. Fix the drinks you are going to have in your event and then choose the right disposable cups suiting your needs. The above mentioned three different disposable cups vary in its rigidity & the kinds of drinks they suit. You can gather A-one disposable cups from Disposable paper cup suppliers in India. Disposable cups come in cheap rates and save you from buying much reusable cups -spending huge amount of money. Buy disposable paper cups & entertain your relatives, friends or clients. Get these cups disposed easily saving your time & cleaning-effort. Support environment by buying environment friendly disposable cups.

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