Things to Do to Stay Positive in the Morning Even in Anticipation of a Stressful Workday

You already know that once you set foot in your office, your stressful day will begin. For some, even getting stuck in traffic on the way to work could already be stressful. It’s crucial to stay positive as soon as you wake up so that you won’t mind whatever challenges you will face once your day begins.


You need to condition your mind about what’s going to happen during the day. Meditation helps because it allows you to envision an environment that you’re comfortable with. It also gives you the chance to appreciate your surroundings. You can start these techniques at home, but you can also do them at work when things start to become stressful.

Create a quotation bowl

As soon as you wake up, you can pick a quote from a bowl and it will be your guiding philosophy for the day. If you start to get stressed out, remember that quote and it helps you to keep pushing forward.

List the things you have to do

Before you get overwhelmed by the tasks you have to finish, you need to start listing everything that you need to do first. It allows you to determine what you can do for the day and what you can delay until the next day. If you allow everything to run in your head, things will become too stressful. It’s better to put everything in writing to serve as a clear reminder of what you have to do.

Have a steam shower

You need to have a good shower in the morning. If you always rush to work and you only have a few minutes to shower, it helps if you wake up earlier. Before everyone else in the family rushes to bathe, you will have enough time to enjoy your shower. It also helps if you have a shower cabin at home to make your bathroom look more appealing. You will feel excited each time you head inside the shower.

Watch a funny video clip

It’s easy to follow pages on Facebook so you will receive notifications if there are recent posts. Select pages that regularly provides funny videos. You will be in a positive mood because of these videos.

Think of your long-term goals

It’s easy to get stressed when you only think about the things that you have to finish for the day. However, if you start looking at your long-term goals, you will realize that everything is worth it. You keep working hard because you know that someday, you will reap the benefits. Remind yourself of these goals so that each time you’re about to give up, you will change your mind.

You can’t control what will happen at work. Your boss or colleagues might be the cause of stress. You can only control how you think about the situation and find a way to prepare for what lies ahead.

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