Get New Furniture For Your Teen’s Dorm

Sending a child away to college or university is a trying time for parents and children alike. Both parties can too easily feel alienated by the whole experience. That’s why it’s important to make your teen feel as comfortable as possible during the beginning of this ordeal. It’s also necessary to take care of yourself during a transition as difficult as this one. Shopping for new furniture for both you and your beloved child is an excellent way to help ease the tension and make this new part of your lives more enjoyable – a new couch or recliner for each of you is bound to encourage relaxation and make your life away from each other a lot more tolerable.

Precisely what you purchase depends on your situation; it’s important, then, to keep a few things in mind about furniture shopping and the items that may be more appropriate for your respective accommodations.

Recliners Are For Solitary Relaxation

If your home is going to feel emptier once you send your child off to university, you may want to consider downsizing the focal point of your living room from a couch to that of a recliner. They are perfectly comfortable and incredibly plush compared to some sofas. Recliners are also perfect for smaller apartments or single-person dorm rooms. Visiting the right store may afford a convenient delivery situation, such that you can effortlessly have one recliner sent to your home, and another to your teen’s new living quarters. However, this may not always be practical if space is limited.

Sofa Bed

Whether you’re looking for the perfect sofa for your condo or a comfortable place for guests in a dorm, the multifaceted nature of sofa beds is perfect; they’re a step up from your everyday futon, insofar as the accompanying mattresses are more comfortable. They also tend to be more stylish. Modern day sofa beds are, additionally, a lot easier to setup than they once were. In a few moments, your teen will be ready for bed after a well-spent day of reading on the couch – it’s both cozy and functional in its appeal.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Whether you go with a sofa bed, a recliner, or both, depending on your fabric preference, you’ll likely be able to acquire an eco-friendly piece. In our current stage of environmental devastation, it’s vital to uphold practices of conscious consumerism. Reducing one’s carbon footprint with specialty leather or alternative materials – such as soybean-derived cushions – makes a significant difference. It’s a decision today’s youth will, no doubt, appreciate all the more. If you’re hoping to impress your teen and show yourself off as a “woke” parent, a green option is doubtlessly the way to go.

All of these tips are just as useful for your teen as they are for you – whether you’re looking for yourself or something to complete your teen’s new bachelor pad, there are so many stores to look into. For example, The Chesterfield Shop is known for its large variety; they are likely to have something that’s right for you and your teen. With little to no effort, you’ll guarantee a cozier college experience for the both of you.

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