How Automatic Gates Add Value To Your Home

Your home is likely to be the biggest single investment you will ever make. Carrying out regular improvements not only offers more comfort, it adds value to the asset, and you will reap the rewards, should you ever wish to sell. One great project is to have electric gates fabricated for a perfect fit. With bespoke solutions, the gates will look like they belong and would add a significant amount to its value.

Gate Styles

There are numerous opening styles, with sliding to the left or right a popular choice. You could also have the traditional side-hinged gates that open inwards, the choice is yours. With a wealth of design experience, the technician can assist you in choosing gating that looks in keeping with the character of the property. With top quality automatic gates, the value of the property would automatically increase. By asking a surveyor to value your home when the electric gates have been installed, you can discover how much.

Made To Measure Solutions

When you make contact with a leading electric gates supplier, you have the benefit of their considerable hands-on experience. They can show you many fine examples of their work, ensuring that the gates are in keeping with the character of your home. When you take a look at the cost of automatic gates installation, the investment is a sound one, as the front gates are very much regarded as a permanent feature of the property. The electric motor is usually located below ground level, which protects the mechanism and keeps the driveway uncluttered.

Choice Of Materials

You might prefer to have seasoned timber gates, in keeping with the rustic appearance, or you might prefer the elegance of wrought iron, which has a classic and timeless appeal. Stainless steel is another option, which could be combined with hardwood insets to provide gates that look like they belong. The gates supplier would have literally hundreds of images that demonstrate what is possible. Once you settle on a design, they can quote an all-inclusive price. If you deal with a leading provider that specialises in bespoke solutions, you can be sure of a great design and professional installation.

Comprehensive Warranty

The gates supplier would offer a comprehensive warranty that covers parts and labour, as they would use the best materials, which is reflected in the long and unlimited warranty. The electric motor and running track do need maintaining, which is a service the supplier offers, with regular visits to ensure lubrication and that there are no obstructions.

Optional Extras

As you would expect, there are many accessories, which include the following:

  • Handcrafted Oak or Steel Gateposts
  • Wireless Intercom Keypad Access
  • Vehicle Registration Sensors
  • Ground Detectors for Automatic Access

If you would like to explore the potential that electric gates offer, search online for a leading automatic gates supplier and they would be happy to send a technician to your home, where you can discuss the many design options.