Decorative Lights

Tips on using decorative lights

Now that the lighting used in the home will affect functionality, atmosphere as well as the mood, it is essential to be creative about how you install lighting for your home. There are many creative ways through which you can use lighting to decorate your home.

You can use lights and lighting features to decorate both in-doors and outdoor spaces, in addition to achieving the lighting basics of a well-lit room. For basics, you should ensure to have ambient lighting for safe and comfortable spaces and task lighting to perform different tasks to detail. In addition to that, you can use accent lighting to spotlight interesting features in your home decor. In this case, you could use track lighting, recessed lighting and wall sconces.

Natural lighting, including sunlight, candlelight and firelight are also used, with the ability to vary the quality depending on time of day, weather, season and location of the room.

Below are tips on using lighting to decorate your home

  1. Orientation and natural lighting: The orientation of the room determines the amount of natural light it will receive from the outside. North-facing rooms receive less direct than south-facing rooms while west-facing will receive strong, warm light in the evening, casting an orange tint. East-facing rooms receive strong, bright light in the morning, casting a white glow.

For those looking for Idlewood Electric bulbs to achieve accent lighting, this type of lighting can be used to direct attention to the different things — equipment, features, etc — instead of having the room lit with general lighting. This type of lighting is used to add visual drama. You can place them behind an accent wall, a striking piece of art or another object to give it some feeling of presence and a glamorous halo effect. In addition to selecting lighting fixtures that have dimmers, you should not forget to use lamps that come with many decorative choices and have no installation requirements.

You can also play around with track lighting that comes with ability to change direction of focus. Another style when using accent lighting is to use recessed lighting that can match any decor: they will blend with a ceiling and you do not even have to go out and pick a fixture.

Natural lighting is used to both save on energy but can also add interest and vitality on decor.

  1. Color temperature: You can try changing the color temperature of your Idlewood Electric light bulbs if unable to achieve the right ambiance in the room. Living rooms and bedrooms can be set with a warm color temperature, kitchens with bright white temperatures as are workspaces, and leave reading and study areas with daylights.
  2. Not over-lighting and avoiding confusion: The final tip is to avoid over-lighting and wrongly mixing the different types of lighting to create confusion. For instance, if you are combining general lighting with accent lighting, ensure to go for lighting fixtures that will direct sources to desired locations without intruding to unwanted spaces where there is a different lighting style.

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