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Are Cleaning Companies Worth the Cost?

Does it actually make financial sense for you to hire a cleaning company? Getting professional cleaning services isn’t exactly cheap, so you have to decide for yourself whether or not it’s actually worth the money you put into it. For the most part, however, it might just be if it’s something that helps you avoid self-induced anxiety and stress.

The allure of having a cleaning service, such as Lighthouse Cleaning Services in Enterprise, Alabama come into your home and clean things up is obvious. It means someone else is doing the cleaning for you, and they’re professionals at it to boot. Still, it’s going to set you back a bit. Depending on your market, biweekly home cleanings runs anywhere from $100 to $175. Having said that, the number of rooms you need cleaned is what will really determine the price.

Some people might crunch numbers about the cost versus the time they save, as making the money might be easier and faster than doing the cleaning on their own, and honestly quite possibly just more fun. Still, for the most part, it’s a value judgment. There are a good number of reasons why having professional cleaners work on your home could prove beneficial to you.

For starters, it could cut down on family stress. Do you have a partner that’s a bit of a neat freak that’s always griping about your more casual style? Do you also have relatives frequently visiting? Where a regular cleaning service might prevent snobby remarks?

A worse situation might be when you’re the one criticizing yourself. It hurts when a partner or visitor says something, but when it happens in your own head, it can turn into a 24/7 echo chamber. Cleaning your home doesn’t just take time and energy, so too do the stress and guilt about not cleaning. Now you can get all of that back.

To be blunt, you also might just hate doing the cleaning. There aren’t many that would choose to mop over an afternoon at the beach, but there are those that like doing some chores while watching TV. Their time with the vacuum might be a moment to tune out the world and daydream. Still, most can’t see cleaning as anything but a chore.

Having said all this, there are cases where getting professional cleaning might not make that much sense. One of them is ironically if you’re a real slob. Most professional cleaning services will ask clients to do at least some pre-cleaning. Piles of clothes and trash or other stuff all over the place will hinder them from doing true deep cleaning, so they’d likely just work around the clutter and leave things untouched.

Also, if you don’t make a lot of money per hour, then it might not be worth it. If you’re only getting $12 an hour, then it would take 10 hours of work to afford a five-hour $120 cleaning. It’s faster to just spend the five hours cleaning on your own instead of a whole day or more earning the money.

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