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5 Home Projects in Okotoks to Get Done Annually

When it comes to your home, are you taking the best care of it possible? We could all take a little better care of our homes, but sometimes we’re just not sure what to do. Once a year you should be doing these things, so read up if you need help figuring out what annual tasks you should be getting done. We’ve got you covered, and you’ll enjoy feeling like you’re caught up and up to date with everything that needs to be done inside and outside the home.

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5 Home Projects to Get Done Annually

  1. Septic Tank Cleaning

One thing that you must be doing once a year if you want everything to go well is septic tank cleaning. When it comes to your septic tanks, they’ve got to be checked out by a vacuum truck service in Okotoks or your area in order to be functioning at the best that they can be. If your septic system is overdue for a cleaning then call up the professionals and make an appointment with a vacuum truck service in Okotoks to get that addressed ASAP.

  1. Gutters Cleaned Out

Your gutters need to be clean and clear of debris. If they’re not, then that’s a problem. Water needs to drain out and away from your home. What clogged gutters do is keep the water from going where it needs to and flowing freely, which means it is either going somewhere that it shouldn’t be or it is getting stuck in strange places where it either leaks, seeps, or freezes.

  1. HVAC Filters Replaced

Filters in air conditioning or heating systems do a good job of screening your air. But that screen also builds up a lot of dust and other particulates that then circulate into your home air. Prevent this by having filters checked out and replaced once a year if necessary for cleaner air with fewer allergens in it.

  1. Dead Tree Limbs Cut

Getting rid of dead limbs on any tree in your yard is a good idea if you want to be sure that you’re not spreading disease to other trees or causing potential for harm by a dead limb falling on someone or something. It’s an annual checkup that you should try and get in the habit of if you’re going to be able to not worry about your yard and the state of it for another year.

  1. Deep Scrubbing Your Tub

Tubs naturally accumulate a little buildup every year. That’s what they do. If you want to get rid of the soap and the calcium buildup and all of that, you’ve got to tackle it with either heavy-duty natural solutions or heavy-duty shower and bath sprays. Scrub it out once a year and in the springtime and it will be like you got one giant thing off of your to-do list. Then you can take a nice bubble bath and relax knowing you’ve got another 12 months before you go crazy on your tub cleaning it like this again.

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