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Why Carpet Cushion Is Important

Why Carpet Cushion Is Important

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking for a carpet that’s going to provide comfort, warmth, and visual structure for a room, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to choosing the right style and material for your needs. But how deeply have you thought about carpet cushion? If you haven’t given a thought to the layer of padding that goes underneath your carpet, you’re not just missing out on a way to make your flooring more comfortable, you’re potentially taking years off your home carpet’s life. Whether your first concern is preventing a carpet stain from ever showing up on your rug or finding the best carpet cleaner in burlington, finding the right cushion can help. If you’re buying a new carpet, here are just a few reasons why getting a carpet cushion is crucial.


Carpet padding is something many of us might take for granted. However, if you removed the padding from any of your favorite home carpets, you’d be able to notice the difference right away. Your carpet would be sliding all over the place, your feet wouldn’t feel as protected, and after walking on un-padded ground for a while, you’d start to feel it. The truth is, walking on carpet without the extra layer of cushioning simply isn’t as comfortable, no matter how lush and bouncy the rug is to begin with. In order to truly protect and cushion your feet, you need that layer of support holding everything in place.


If you or someone in your household has allergies, asthma, or is in any way sensitive to poor air quality, a carpet cushion is an essential way to filter out all those pollutants that could end up making a home in your carpet. When pollen, bacteria, and dust mites enter your home, they tend to drift down into your rug and burrow there for the foreseeable future. Many carpet cushions are made of rubber, which works hard to fight bacteria that gather in your rug’s base. When you have rubber carpet cushioning, you’re getting an extra buffer to help absorb all that disagreeable dust and dander and stop it from ruining the air you breathe.


Carpets are a big investment, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner. You wouldn’t spend your money on an appliance like a computer or cell phone without getting insurance to make sure it lasted as long as possible. Carpets should be viewed in the same way. Think of your rug cushion as insurance for your carpet. When you install cushioning, you’re helping to boost your carpet’s durability while increasing its lifespan by 50%.


Most importantly, a carpet cushion can give your home carpet even better insulating properties than it naturally comes with. That means warmer feet, warmer surfaces, and a home environment that’s more easily temperature-controlled during cold winter nights. The cushion is able to trap in heat rather than letting it escape and rise to the surface, resulting in toasty home floors that will warm your feet on contact.

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